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`But they were in the well,’ Alice said to the Dormouse, not choosing to notice this last remark.
`Of course they were’, said the Dormouse; `–well in.’
This answer so confused poor Alice, that she let the Dormouse go on for some time without interrupting it.

Vintage Wardrobe Gallery

For years my ex told me I ‘dress like a granny…’ I know how my Granny’s dressed so to begin with I didn’t take it as it was intended – an insult. Then it stopped being a joking comment, then turned into him saying he was embarrassed to be seen with me. I guess if you add in me doing some crochet on my lap, it really added to the ‘Granny look.’

Someone knocking you down for being YOU, don’t let them pull you down, OWN IT. When he walked out in 2018 I bought more. Now I’m not just wearing much loved hand-me-downs from family, but buying more ‘new’ vintage items. I made a pact with myself that everyday I would dress like me. I started to use the hashtag ‘GrannyStyle’, “LikeAGranny’ etc, I started to OWN my style. He made me feel like dirt every time I would put on make-up or pull out a dress which was owned by my Great Grandmother. Now I make a point of telling everyone who comments on something I’m wearing where it came from! “Thanks, this was my Nana’s”, or “thanks, I found this for a few pounds on eBay”. A huge part of the abuse I had to live with was aimed at how I dressed and what I did for a living. In fact the only reason he gave for leaving was ‘I hate how you dress.’ My happiness for wearing something passed down from family or a cheap find in a charity shop made him angry. Well no more! Now I do silly poses on twitter and instagram showing off my family’s wardrobe or my latest find!

I will be doing some videos and blogs to help you find your style and some tips on shopping for that vintage item!


I can’t tell you this loud enough, BE YOU. When you walk down the street do you feel like what you’re wearing is you? If you’re scared to fully push into your true self, add little bits instead. I love my homemade jewellery, I mix it up with family items handed down too. It’s not everyones taste but it’s me. A lot of happiness comes from projecting out the image of who you are on the inside. I think that’s why I felt like I found my tribe at festivals, people go out of their everyday lives and sparkle in the sunshine, they show who they are inside without judgement (if you’re at the right event!).

I’m really filling my wardrobe on a budget by buying at Kilo events. Dresses work out at a few pounds each!
Add a new (it was second hand) denim jacket and cute vintage scarf to a fav dress for a new look!
Little black 1960’s dress perfect for Goodwood Kennels and testing out my new camera.
Dark green wool vintage 1960’s dress, perfect for colder days, though I picked a day which turned a lot warmer, hence pulling up my skirt while waiting on the school run!
Where did the summer go? Loving this new bright vintage dress. I’ve been working hard on getting my guns back after dropping the caravan on me!
1960’s Little Black dress, with second hand Irregular Choice shoes, vintage coat and my Nana’s scarf.
1980’s Dress, cheap Primark shoes and vintage hand bag from PreLovedKilo
1980’s Winter dress vs messy work wear.
Great Grandmother Win’s silk ballgown with secondhand Irregular Choice shoes.
1940’s dress and petticoats from the family’s collection.
1980’s Dress.
1980’s dress with 1960’s hand made belt.
1960’s Cocktail dress from the family collection, with vintage handbag from PreLovedKilo.

With a little love and care, things can keep going from generation to generation. My house and my wardrobe is full of family hand-me-downs, from my Great Grandmothers shoes, to my Nana’s cooking pot! My boys are in their 80’s jumpers (hand-me-down gift from a friend).
I’ve always loved to wear vintage, I have a saying, ‘if you cant beat them, wear vintage!’ Having been to some mega posh dos and not being able to buy a new frock, I would go in my Great Grandmother’s ballgown and feel amazing! 
I’ve always mixed old and new together and created my own style. So many friends would just buy and wear what was in, but that didn’t make any sense to me. I like to wear things which I feel suit me, just wearing what is in at the time isn’t necessarily what looks good on me. 
‘Retro’ and ‘vintage’ have become very popular over the last 10yrs, it’s harder to find mega cheap bargains. Many items are miss-dated, damaged or over-priced (but I’m not saying they are not worth it, as they may be the only one left in that style). It does upset me though, when people are only buying an item to make money from it, without the love of that item. To want and use it! You would be amazed at how many people buy and sell retro caravans having never slept in one! Pushing prices up and sadly not appreciating them fully. Not explaining how to use and look after them to the person they are selling them to. Terms like ‘Shabby Chic,’ have become buzz terms. So often though, original finishes are lost forever by rushed paint jobs. Now don’t get me wrong, it’s better to be used and loved than rotting away or dumped. If an item is broken then yes, save it. Do what you like. But just trying to turn a profit and destroying it forever is what I’m not happy about 😦
Same goes with clothes. I’ve seen some beautiful items made from old sheets. People like me still use and love old sheets, quilts etc.
Many clothes can be re-sized and altered to fit, changed in subtle ways. If you care for an item, then keep them alive! 
So what’s in my wardrobe?
For years I have been holding off buying new clothes until my weight was back down (baby weight). I started to look for some new clothes and thought to myself, what am I doing?? I don’t really like new clothes! Yes, the odd thing here and there like some winter boots or some leggings, but I’m much more a vintage girl! My wardrobe is already filled with 1950’s dresses and I own a 1960’s caravan. So I thought it was a good idea to think of some good matching outfits for shows I cover.

Well, I’m not really a huge lover of your typical 1960’s mod look. It’s not me at all. I love the big hair and hippy style of the early 70’s and the smart lady looks of the 1940/50’s.

I guess it’s partly a mind set. I don’t see things as junk, but beautiful. Don’t worry I’m not completely crazy! I don’t keep everything and I do give away a lot (I’m like a hoarder stuck in a body of someone who likes clean, minimalist homes). So even though our home is full of 1960’s furniture I do still like the cleaner modern feel too.

I will be adding more about how to hunt for the right vintage ideas, and how to blend styles. Till then, keep being you!

It was all very well to say “Drink me,” but the wise little Alice was not going to do that in a hurry. “No, I’ll look first,” she said, “and see whether it’s marked ‘poison’ or not.” 

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