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Can a festival reduce its environmental impact?

Festivals and their environmental impact REDUCE, RE-USE AND RECYCLE Ok so am pretty much vegan, not just in my diet but also look at my life as a whole. I always think about my impact to the planet, lets face it guys and gals, whats the back up plan?? I mostly buy second hand, I drive an old car... Continue Reading →

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Festivals and Mental Heath

Finding your Tribe... 'Music can change the world' Beethoven You may not have heard about Boomtown Fair but its the largest music festival in Hampshire and the 7th largest in the UK. Boomtown Fair helped me back in 2019 find my self again after years of abuse. Whats the first thing you think of when... Continue Reading →

Festivals and Periods

'Looking so good, it's a darn god shame, that they couldn't all be mineLooking so pretty, it's a darn god pretty, oh, you're looking so fine (fine)' This is one for the gals! Your planning your epic festival, 5 day event.....BOOM 'oh hey girl, Aunt Flo has packed all her bags and is tagging along too...'... Continue Reading →

Festivals and Your Outfits

'It lives, The bass is the army that it gives.When we apply the breaks, There'll be no skids.Just more elements to continue as we glide.' Festivals are all about the music but also the vibe. Whats the vibe? Its a combination of music, people, set and stage. Different festivals, give a different vibe. Depending on... Continue Reading →

Festivals and Footwear

What is the best footwear for a festival or large-scale dance event?? 'These boots are made for walkingAnd that's just what they'll doOne of these days these boots are gonna walk all over you' So 2020 is hitting us all so hard that the USA said 'hey look at these three videos of UFO's, we... Continue Reading →

Another One Bites the Dust…

I can't remember if I cried, When I read about his widowed bride, Something touched me deep inside...The day the music died' Slowly each one of the events I was due to cover this year has announced its canceling due to COVID-19. It started with the worry of my children's schools were closing their doors,... Continue Reading →


BBC 1 at 2.15pm on the 1st April My best friend James and I, drove through some crazy snow, wondering if we would make it! Dressed for being on TV, we dug out the car in the first light of day. After abandoning the car, we had to walk quite far to get to the studio. (I... Continue Reading →

My Family Life, a beautiful wedding.

If you have been following me on TWITTER or INSTAGRAM you will know that my husband walked out on me a year ago. Its been a hard year, taking care of my three young children, working and dealing with a flood and all sorts of other crazy stuff. So I have been quiet on my blog and youtube channel.... Continue Reading →


So last week there was BIG news on this years' festival season. Boomtown Fair launched it's next Chapter. Along with it's interactive maze! So what is Boomtown? Erm, only the best festival the UK has to offer. Why do I say that with such conviction, I hear you ask? Well, there are no words which... Continue Reading →

Boomtown Fair 2019

'One of the BEST experiences of life' Said Alice Alice: What an idea. A crazy, mad, wonderful idea. The tickets go on sale tomorrow at 7pm, for one of the uk's largest independent festivals. With over 66,000 attendees, 2000 actors, 100's of musical acts. A fully immersive theatrical experience, Boomtown really sets its self apart from the... Continue Reading →

Curiouser and Curiouser…

Alice & James on CuriosityBBC 1 at 2.15pm on the 1st April I end up doing the odd bit of TV, here is a throw back to early this year My best friend James and I, drove through some crazy snow, wondering if we would make it! Dressed for being on TV, we dug out the... Continue Reading →

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