Hi my name is Alice and I’m a hoarder.

A mum of three beautiful human beings. I love my family, friends, music, craft, vintage, caravans, cars and adventures.

Seaside Retro is all about adventures and life tips.

I write about crazy times, like that one time I hitchhiked a helicopter or got fake married at Boomtown Fair Festival, by Mr Bliss himself….right the way through to really personal things like recovering from domestic abuse.

This is my partner Chris, truly the best cat dad ever, (note the vest) to our 3 rescue cats.

He’s wrapped me and my kids up in a huge blanket of love. We have lots of adventures planned for next year!

Here’s my three beautiful humans, this photo was taken just before my two boys donated their hair to the Princess trust! I am so proud of their kindness. We live with a few other issues, from them growing up with a speech/lang delay, to possible ADHD and Autism. I know I will never get over how proud of them I am.

I’m sure I will write a little on our journey to a happier life at some point.

Side note…If you feel like you are treading on egg shells around your partner it’s worth having a little read of this – Stop Domestic Abuse. Domestic abuse is not always physical but often emotional. It’s not always your partner, it can be a member of your family, like a parent. The amazing team at SDA have supported me and my family for a few years now. Not only helping to make me feel safe again but also providing counselling for my children.

Sometimes I get recognised off the telly too, or from my YouTube channel. Here’s me and my best mate James, that time we made it through a snow storm to film with the lovely chap Paul Martin. James gets accosted quite a lot when just trying to do the food shop. Bless him, he’s in loads of my caravan videos! So caravans, yes thats what I do for my bread and butter. I renovate vintage caravans, you can check that side of me out by having a look here – Wonder, Explore, Restore.

I am a huge hoarder and lover of hand-me-downs and heirlooms. I count myself very lucky that we are the sort of family who hold on to items, not for the value in money but to feel closer to our family who don’t walk beside us anymore. Every time I use something handed down, I feel closer to them. That’s everyday, from my Nana’s pots and pans, to my Great Uncle’s bunting! I am at my most happy chilling at a kilo sale, charity shop or boot sale. You never know what you’re going to find!

I’ve added slowly over the years to my vintage wardrobe, as I believe in moving away from fast fashion and towards sustainability. You can read more about my vintage wardrobe by clicking here.

I’ve been a promotions gal, model, promoter of the biggest nightclub night on the south coast and now, a mummy. I cover lots of events, I’m so often found behind the camera. You can also find me covered in glitter dancing till my feet bleed to some old school d&B or dressed fully retro 1940-70’s wondering around Goodwood Revival. If you have a project you would like me to work on with you or an event you want covered (heck, just got a question) you can email me at seasideretro@gmail.com or catch me on Facebook/Instagram/Twitter or Linkedin.

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