Flash – Light Up Shoes Review

I can’t not remember a time when I have not wanted a pair of light up shoes, I was sent these from Flashwear and I just don’t have the words for how epic they are. I didn’t want to take them off!!

“I just want to dance, dam it!” – Alice

So who are Flash Wear? They are a UK brand in heart of the West Midlands, that specialises in LED footwear and all things LIT for the UK and European market. They create, design, and source the best light up shoes on the market. They are one of the only companies I could find with this speciality based in the UK. In 2017 they designed the worlds light up rechargeable welly.

What are they are doing to reduce their impact on the planet? (if you know me, you know this is a big deal for me). They offer a service for LED shoes, so if your lights are no longer working be that brought from them or a third party they will help. They also sell replacement batteries so your shoes will keep dancing! Their motto is ‘ORDINARY JUST GOT OLD! .. CHANGE THE WAY YOU WALK.’

They do loads of different styles and sizes, unisex versions and kids sizes. Quick tip if you have smaller sized feet, like under size 5, check in the kids section too 😉

I can already see me being super precious over these so ordered some mud protectors. They have a few styles, I’ve ordered the the Dotty ones 🙂

Click here to check out the mud savers.

The charge point is easy to get too inside the shoe. They come with a USB cable.

They glow red while charging and change to green when ready to go!

I cant even put the words together about how excited I was opening the box and waiting while they charged!! They just make me happy, Ive wanted light up shoes for ever.

They arrived super quick and they are so cute, I am now like, oh I don’t want to get these all muddy!! Ha ha ha. Love the pattern of the dots with the pink zippers. They come with their own bag, so you can store them away when not in use without getting any mud on anything (helpful when storing stuff in a tent, with limited space!) They look like they would clean up pretty easy due to the material they are made out of.

They fit really well over the shoe and easy to get on and off. The lights still look amazing through them and I like how they come quite high above the shoe to stop any dirt, water or mud getting down into the shoe.

Having the mud savers/protectors on really doesn’t take away from the look of the shoes at all. This was in day light too!! They are so bright.

When the lights are off, they still look like pretty epic sliver trainers but you couldn’t guess what their super power is till you turn them on!

I am so in love with these shoes, they are comfy to wear and soon as I get them out of the box I get the biggest smile and cant wait to get them on! Im going to update this with some photos from events this year so you can proper see them in action! So excited to get in them festival fields wearing these.

Check out Flash Wear by clicking here.

Check out the silver version I have, click here.

Have a look at their full range of mud savers, click here.

I miss festivals and dressing up for a night out sooo much, one night I was like, sod it!! Just grabbed loads of festival clothes, my new flashing shoes, and danced in the bathroom…..yep lockdown has got to me!!

I cant not wait to wear these shoes in the festival fields…..I can wear them for the weekly shop right?? – Alice xx

Alice was sent these shoes to try out and review, we have not been paid for this promotion.

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