Heartbreaking News About Boomtown Fair

Today Boomtown Fair announced the devastating news that they would have to postpone Boomtown Fair’s ‘Chapter One: The Gathering’

It was due to be held on 10-14 August 2021. Many festivals have been holding out for the government to green light insurance, in case of canceling due to lockdowns/the virus. Unfortunately, this has not happened in time to save our Boomtown dreams for this summer.

Almost exactly a year ago they made an identical announcement, that Boomtown Fair was cancelled. 2020 has been a truly hard year, we have lost loved ones and watched companies crumble. Some good has come from our brake from our normal lives, a chance to take stock of what is important to us. We have dared to dream of those festival fields, I know it has helped me and many others get through 2020. That we will dance together, carefree and safe, again.

I know that 2020 for me as made me braver, to stand up for the things I believe in.

UNLESS someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better, It’s not.


If you are one of the lucky ones to have Boomtown Fair tickets, and you are in a place where you don’t desperately need the refund, hang on to your tickets. Support them, and roll your ticket over, at this point, another year is nothing, right! I’m so sad for my festival crew today, but I’m still hopeful, and grateful thinking of that moment walking through the Boomtown gates with them.

There will be no scale that can measure what that feeling will feel like. For many, festivals have been our lifeline, our hope, our thing to look forward to, the light at the end of the tunnel. I am so disappointed in the government for not listening, I am disappointed in them for many reasons… May 6th this year you can vote for who you want as your voice, in the local elections. Please use your voice, your vote, for the right person to speak for you.

It look like the after affects of 2020 will be felt sometime to come. So make your voice count, be your friends cheerleader, big up others, and spread love and kindness. We are all low right now, and to hear this news today is going to rock a lot of your friends, even if they are not showing it. I know many have been holding out for brighter days together.

So lets getting planning our Boomtown at home, with our wonderful festival crew, hey, like my lovely friend just text me ‘it gives us longer to get in shape, right.’

I am sending all the team at Boomtown HQ a shed load of love and good vibes today. To all my festival crew, I love you and an extra years wait to dance with you in them fields will be worth it.

Read Boomtowns full statement by clicking here.

Guess I need to get planning our second Boomtown Fair at home then, brought Roller Boots this week, so I can get fit and ready for 2022.

I love you Boomtown, YOU are worth the wait. Big love, Alice xx

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