Vegan Dock Boots – Review

I have been looking for the perfect ankle boots for the festival season, and in my search I remembered ordering a friend some epic boots from WVS. They have a huge range of boots, in loads of different colours and styles. It was hard to pick and I love that they have the same style for men or women.

I went for the Insulated Dock Boots.

There are loads of different styles and colours, insulated or not. It was so hard to pick and I will be for sure getting more style to add to my wardrobe!

These are just a their dock boots, they also have Chelsea, biker, worker, aviator, western, knee highs, low cut docks, to name a few. They have a huge range of boots, shoes and clothes. All vegan & carbon neutral.

Wills Vegan Store was established in 2012, they are a fully vegan company, who are carbon neutral. Read all about them by clicking here. They use vegan and recycled products to make beautiful clothes, shoes and now have a food store too.

Getting footwear right for festivals is super important, I ended up with blood pouring out of my shoe and being carried back to my van at Boomtown Fair. It look a long time for my big toe to heal and it was painful to walk for a few months. The first thing to get right is your shoes, if your feet are happy, you will have a much better time! Take extra socks and make sure you change them. I know, I sound like a proper mum right now, but trust me, you do not want to end up like I did.

Getting the perfect fit and style for you is important, what I love about WVS is they have a huge range to pick from. So be it pumps or boots, you know no animal has been hurt in making them and you are not increasing your carbon foot print even though your buying something new.

Im a size 4 in heals, but to give space for the insulation I changed up to a size 5. I have thin ankles and wide feet so harder for me to get boots perfect. I have lived in these boots, keeping the lacing loose means I can get them on and off quick for the school run. Above photo is on the school run covered in mud. I have been trying a few options for this years festivals and have a vegan pair of Dr.Martens too. At the moment the most cozy and nice to wear is this pair of docks. My DM’s are still having to go in and out of the freezer full of water to stretch them out. Where my docks have been cozy since day one.

I first went for the biker boots, they look so epic & would be perfect to match loads of looks for festivals. I was gutted that my wider feet just couldn’t get on with them, even going up a size. WVS where super helpful in making sure I got the right boots for me, the Docks.

The customer services over at WVS are really lovely and helpful, so don’t worry if you want some advice on sizing.

I’ve had these docks for months now, I waited to write this review till I had seen what they wear in like.

They come up like new, with a wiped down, just warm water and a soft sponge, all of a few minutes. Im not precious over them, walking on the stoney beach, hacking through the woods, in the pouring rain on the school run. They have kept my feet warm, dry and cozy.

Being insulated, they will mean my feet are much warmer. So hot summer festivals, they maybe too warm, but I’m excited to see what they are like, as like most girls, my feet get cold easy!

They have been bashed about loads, yet as you can see there are no marks on them. Hard wearing yet cozy. I love them and I cant wait to be dancing about in the festival fields with them! The look like proper old school worker boots.

Want some new boots, without adding to your carbon foot print, help save animals and the planet? Make a positive choice and head over to WVS.

These are priced at £100 they don’t believe in fast fashion so they won’t change prices or have sales. Priced the same for men and women sizes. (Non insulated are priced at £87.) Comparing these prices to others like DM’s they work out much cheaper.

click here for women sizes in the chestnut colour like mine.

Click here for their full range of insulated boots, be that docks, Chelsea or aviator boots.

Ive lived in these boots, love WVS, I’m currently testing out their new Teddy Coat.

Keep an eye out for that review, and you know your gonna see me this summer snuggle up watching the sunset over a festival field in my docks and teddy!

I was sent these boots to try out, but my option is my own and I am living in them so highly recommend them! – Alice xx

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