Hot Looks For Festivals

I’m writing this article in the cold harsh craziness which is November 2020. I’m missing raves so much it hurts, I just want to dance with my friends in the mud of a UK festival! Praying most days that festivals will be allowed to rave on next year…

In fact I pretty much gave up trying to be positive about festivals happening and walked away from this article. Then the news came, that maybe, just maybe we may get to dance in them fields again together, so here it is:

“let the music play…”

I know that when we can all dance together again, it will be an explosion of sparkles and love! Here are just a few of my top looks, keep en eye out for part 2!

Full Looks

All that Glitters – Sparkles, Rainbows & Sequins

After such a dark and lonely time, I am sure we will be overloading on glitter, sparkles and bold loud colours! How epic are these rainbow jumpsuits from The Life Of Oreilly? Add a little sparkle with these Pink & Gold Mermaid Reversible Sequin bum bag from Hand Made By Janel (team up the sparkles with jeans and they pop even more). Want some epic ‘out there’ sunglasses? Head over to Pearls and Swine.

Wearable art, big bold necklaces and headdresses! More light up clothing and lots of DIY items. How about these ponies? Get yours from Pearls and Swine. I love these light up shoes from Flash Wear (they also sell light up masks). A rainbow cape from Sophie Nina. Think rainbows, sparkles, bright and bold, light ups and shouting, ‘LET US CELEBRATE!’

Feather Epaulettes from The Disco Spirits

I just adore these jackets from Daisy Shock.

Breast plate, hat and shoulder pads from Gypsy Blood UK. Sequin unisex captains jacket, epic leotard, rainbow underbust playsuit dungarees from Fairy Love Boutique.

Epic rave set from Glitter Romance

Cute set from Curious Moon

Check out Daisy Shock for the killer looks above.

Heres me a few years ago, handmade the night before. Gold romper, headdress, teamed with wig and covered in glitter.

Gold, sliver, light ups at night, sparkles, big head dresses and lots (ok loads) of glitter. Normally it’s how to stand out from the crowd… but I think on the most part, it will be a case of throwing glitter and sparkles at everyone!

“Where words leave off, music begins.” – Heinrich Heine

Woodstock – 1970 Hippy Daydreams Vibes

Shown above Sunglasses from Matt & Nat, saddle bag from Wills Vegan Store, teamed with 1970 vintage prairie dresses from my collection.

You can’t plan out festival outfits without adding a ‘Woodstock’ look. 1970’s looks hasn’t really ever gone out of fashion. Prairie dresses are so easy to wear. Perfect for warm weather (simply layer up on colder days). They have unique patterns, so they always stand out. Feel like a princess in a flowing dress. They can look great with warrior sandles or big biker boots. Finish your look off with a flower crown and your golden!

My mother was a hippy and looking back over her photos is such a window into the world she grew up in. She has some amazing stories and I keep on at her to create a book using her letters she used to send home. She used to wear lots of vintage petticoats and big boots. It’s a great way to still wear a dress but be warm. I have been given some of my prairie dresses and some I have found on eBay. Keep an eye in the shops too, as I can see this style of dress coming back in again 😉

Insulated Dock Boots from Wills Vegan Store unisex and lots of different colours

Perfect boots to team with this look are the Insulated Dock Boots from Wills Vegan Store. They have extra insulation to keep your toes warm! Full review of these coming soon, as I am currently putting them through their paces!

A great way to achieve my mum’s look of vintage petticoats and big boots is long tutu skirts. The tutu skirts give such a funky mix of soft & playful against the hardness of big boots. The grey one is from Matchimony and cream sparkles from Sienna New York.

Here’s me and my best mate Silke at a festival a few years back. This is the same dress from the photo pictured further above and you can see how much the pattern really catches the light. I had a small bag with a cardy sling over it for when the temp had started to drop.

Why not team that hippy look with big boots? Knee highs will keep you warm, wellies are perfect for muddy festivals (click here for my best shoes for festivals write up)

“Music is the universal language of mankind.” – Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

In the 80’s – Bold Contrasting Patterns

Building for years now, has been the 80’s look within urban streetwear. Big and bold clashing patterns and colours. Oversized jackets, bumbags, caps and a mix of street and workout clothing. I think we will see a return to boomer jackets and large fake fur/sheep coats. A big move towards more bold strong African, Geometric and Aztec prints.

Check out Jackfuit for the joggers and hoodie above. It’s easy to mix vintage finds in with a few new pieces to help you create this look on a budget (and help our planet). Have a look at this Geometric Print Tee Top from Vintage Rouge Vintage.

Beautiful bold African print handmade bumbags and head bands from Lolly Kiks. Made from recycled materials is the Teddy Coat from Wills Vegan Store. Want to hit that 1980’s ‘Del Boy’ look bang on? Check out their Shearling Coat, a sheep coat without animals products. Amazing statement African print trousers from RINM CLOTHING.

Tayo African print shorts and matching shirt from RINM CLOTHING. Winter hoodie from The Garden Of Heathens.

Lily Grace with her second-hand coat from Oxfam! Keeping you warm as the sun goes down but also bang on the 1980’s big oversized fur coats look.

“Music is the soul expressing itself.” – Chris Harris

All The Fun Of the Fair – Feathers & Frills

When we get back into those festival fields, it will be a huge celebration. A carnival of noise, love and costumes. Big bold headdresses, filled with flowers and feathers. Patterns & sparkles. Check out Sophie Nina for the psychic patterned leotard and leggings. Gold two piece from Lady Jane Bristol. Jungle headdress from Jezebels Fascination.

Push the boat out with epic costumes from Mystique Mas

For ruffles head over to Talulah Blue Burlesque. Love the gold shorts, check out Shrine. Cropped Mess Dress Jacket from The Garden Of Heathens. A few items can easily give you the run away to join the circus vibe. Gold show leotard from Star and Garter UK. Steel boned circus ring master corset from Kirsteen Wythe.

Unitard from Star and Garter UK

Rachel Shearer, looking and feeling fabulous in her show girl look. Feathers… sparkles, this is a show stopping look to head into the fields with.

“Music, once admitted to the soul, becomes a sort of spirit, and never dies.” – Edward Bulwer Lytton

These are just a few of my favourite looks. There are hundreds of styles and you can mix and match to find you within them. Now for a few ‘must haves’. These are great items, which will set the tone for your look or become your go-to item. I will be writing up some articles on a full festival wardrobe soon, I’ll be talking about how much to take and all the different looks you can create from a few key items. In the meantime, here are some items I think will be hot for this summer!

Must Have Items

Take To The Skies – Bomber Jackets

Super easy to wear, matches up with loads of other looks. It’s no wonder they haven’t gone anywhere, dating all the way back to 1915. The UK was the first country to introduce the leather bomber jacket.

Patchwork African print jacket from Thelma Williams Africa. Black boomer from Wills Vegan Store. African boomer jacket from Laviye.

Unisex Custom Holographic Bomber Jacket from Tirade13 Check out the back of this jacket 😉

Dig For Victory – Dungarees

How epic are these Tweedy Cord Dungarees? Available in seven colours! Click here for the link.

You can not beat a good pair of dungarees! I still have mine from traveling to Canada aged 13. You can style them in so many ways. A cute sparkly bikini underneath, or a big over sized wool jumper on top. The style combinations to work with your favourite dungers are endless! I think they are a must-have for any wardrobe, you can keep them low or roll them up, easy to wear and easy to dress up/down.

Sparkly Dungarees from State Of Disarray

No matter what style you go for, they are so easy to wear and will become part of your ‘go to’ wardrobe. Looking for an easy ‘retro look’? Jean dungarees or plain, with a red scarf tied in your hair. Done!

Blue with stripes from Kushty Locks. Printed ones from Lucy and Yak.

Play Time – Jumpsuits, Playsuits, Catsuits & Rompers

All in ones are perfect for festivals, they are one of my personal go to’s. A romper can change it’s look so much by adding coloured tights, adding a large headdress or teaming it with big boots and wings. Jumpsuits, catsuits, rompers, playsuits and leotards are a great place to start when looking at outfits.

The playsuits in different colours, from Lady Jane Bristol. Epic over the top, wide legged jumpsuit is from Tashas Clothing (there is a belt to match which makes a more fitted look). Winter Ski Suit from Ski Suits, they have some brilliant colours (I highly recommend Ski Suits for festivals, perfect for cold and wet events. I got my original 1980’s one from PreLoved Kilo. You can now order a mixed box from them while we wait for the pop ups to reopen).

Tassel Sequin Fringe Velvet Jumpsuit from The Life Of Oreilly

Holographic catsuits from Tirade13.

Metallic romper from PerfeXion.

Jumpsuit currently on sale from Anakra London. This would also be perfect for weddings, such an elegant look.


Tassels and Rainbows from Royle Costumes

Head In the Clouds – Head Dresses

Add a headdress to any outfit, it will work and it will take you to the next level. Add a coloured wig and you will feel like a new person, any gender can wear them and the bolder the better I say! Headdresses above from Luna Blue Collection. I make all mine myself but if you don’t fancy that, there are some epic sellers out there. Looking for ideas of what you want? Check out my Pinterest board.

Feather Headdress from The Disco Spirits

Mayor Tom sparkly hat by Gypsy Blood. VivaLa Frida floral crown by Moon Dome. Fruit Turban (perfect for a retro or carnival look) is from Handmade Turban Hats.

Hats, flower headdresses, turbans, scarfs, a simple daisy chain, they take you out of every day life and into something different.

Kids love headdresses too, my little girl is often found running around with one of mine on her head. So much so, she has asked me to make her some now. To be fair, she does look adorable in them!

Legs for Days – Leggings

You can’t go wrong with a few pairs of leggings, no matter your style you will find ones which work for you. I love them with an over sized jumper on cold days, they look epic with boots, trainers… well, anything. You can team it up with a matching top to give the jumpsuit look, with an easy out for loo trips 😉

High waisted leggings and matching tees above from Sophie Nina.

Patchwork Leggings (currently in a sale) and matching tops from Crooked Store. If you’re packing light for festivals, leggings are perfect. You can totally change the look with a different top, headdress or coat. Add dark leggings and bright leg-warmers to give you a whole other look (leg warmers also give your ankles extra warmth on cold nights and help to support your ankles by warming them up before dancing).

Leggings above are from Wolf Rayet London, they are handmade in the uk.

Leggings are truly for everyone, I love these from Crooked Store

Shining Bright – Light Up Clothing

I love light up clothing. I need, need the light up shoes from the start of this write up (go bold!). Here are some epic light up ideas. Interactive Green Glow T-shirt from Illuminated Apparel GB. Light up hoodie from Your Mind Your World.

What I like about this one, is it just looks like a normal coat, then boom! Another one from Your Mind Your World.

Angel Wings from Etere Shop

Crown from Etere Shop

Light up Glasses from Illuminated Apparel GB

Light up Hoop from Moon Dance Hoops

Never lose your mates again with this programable flag from Etere Shop

LED Light Fans from Etere Shop

Add this item and we are living some sort of futuristic life, another one from Etere Stop

Getting hold of light up tech clothing is still harder in the UK but more and more people are creating their own. LED strip lights are pretty easy to get hold of. I know loads have been using lockdown as a way of honing their skills to make costumes and outfits for festivals. I do think we will see an explosion of creativity!

Statement Jewellery

These stunning items are from Jarlia By Jolina. I have always loved larger statement pieces when it comes to jewellery, imagine the sun hitting that wrist cuff above! (They also offer 20% off on your first order when you join their VIP list, check out the link for more info.)

The feather necklace, earrings and bracelet above are made by hand-cutting reclaimed rubber from tyre inner tubes. Beautiful and easy to wear in a festival environment. These wonderful recycled items are from Paguro Upcycle. Bold jewellery choices I think will be making their mark this year. More statement pieces, larger sizing or cheeky jewellery. Laser cut ‘DISCO’ from The Crafty Anteater.

Check out Pearls and Swine for their larger than life items. The matching earrings and necklace is another one from Paguro Upcyle.

“Life seems to go on without effort when I am filled with music.” – George Eliot

So my hot looks this summer are; lots of rainbow sparkles, big bold colours, patterns and prints. Cyber Punk will be a super hot look, I am currently working on some ideas for this now. There will be lots of light up clothing and items, wearable art and handmade craft items.

Keep an eye on the website for tips on vintage shopping and the best wardrobes for festivals and craft tips. I am working with an amazing costume creator and I’m looking forward to sharing something fantastic with you soon!

Some of the above companies I have ordered from before, some are new. I will be reviewing a few items from this article so keep a look out. I always try to add vegan, reused, low environmental impact, handmade and UK companies. That being said some of the items in this write up are from outside of the UK, so please check for extra charges when ordering due to Brexit. I’m very excited to show you my ‘mini festival wardrobe’, how to get the most out of your outfits – coming soon!

Have you seen something you think should be on here? Send me a message or email me:

Can’t wait to dance with you all in the fields soon! Alice xx

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