The Gathering – Boomtown Fair 2021


noun: A living theatre that ignites imagination and inspires the emergence of a better world through respectconnection, creativity and celebration. 

Boomtown announces Chapter One: The Gathering

Chapter One: The Gathering

A deep part of human connection and celebration throughout the millennia has been a gathering of people. Connecting through shared experiences of dance and song. Before there was paper, and film, there was the spoken word. Our memories in boded in stories and songs, passed down through the generations.

Just the simple meeting of friends has been outlawed over these drastic times of 2020. Next August we will come together again, a gathering of the citizens of Boomtown is just what we have longed so much for.

This break in the music, has allowed Boomtown Fair, the UK’s largest independent festival, incarnate its self. To look back over its journey from Old Town to the giant city of 2019.

Some of the big changes include, they are no longer going to release the line up, they have changed the layout of the festival, also introducing a new story and have reduced ticket prices! The 2021 tickets on sale tonight (01/10/2020) at 7pm.

Wow, so here we are, at the very start of a brand new journey together… 

Since we last danced in the rolling fields of Hampshire in August 2019, whether we feel it, know it or want it to be; life is different now. As a festival community, we’ve embraced this chance to pause and set about ripping up our own rulebook; we’ve kept the best bits, dug deep into what our ethos means to us and reset the rest!

We’re so happy to finally share with you our vision of a different world, our pledge to make sure we live true to the depths our ethos can go, and our commitment to putting on the best party imaginable.

“Resetting from the foundations to allow us to really get things right and to be the forward-thinking, progressive, and inspirational festival community we know we can be. By starting a brand new story with Chapter One: The Gathering, this allows us even more scope to start afresh, with our ethos, creativity and ambition all aligning into one combined vision.”

Boomtown is never one to shy away from being different, to putting its hand up first, and they have paved the way to a better festival experience by doing so. Its a big bold move to no longer release the line up ahead of the event. They will be keeping many of the acts secret right up till just before the festival. For me that just build the excitement! To read more about their Music line up changes click here.

Commenting on this big change in music strategy, the Boomtown team says; “We have spent months debating whether this was the right thing to do but what is clear, is that there are many aspects to the way the music industry runs that don’t work for independent festivals. The complex process of
releasing a music line-up with the exclusivity, billing and escalating costs has led us to decide this is the time to rethink the way we approach it and explore new ways of doing things.”

“We have always been a creatively led festival and people attend Boomtown because of the overall experience; we will continue to book incredible headline artists, and all the festival favourites, but
by approaching our programming announcements in this radical way, we can create lineups that are even more phenomenal and diverse than we have ever been able to before.”
Boomtown Founders

If you have read some of my write ups before you will know all about ‘Boomtown Left Toe’ There is a lot of walking, its a large site and spread out over hills….Well…Another change released in today’s announcement is that Boomtown has reimagined the festival layout. This is big news! The Main City and its unique worlds will all now be located in what was previously known as ‘Downtown Boomtown’. For the first time ever, they will be using every inch of the ‘Downtown’ valley. They go all out in their set design, so a huge big rethink is going to lead to their most detailed city yet!

Every one of their main stages is a new concept for this new Chapter. By changing the layout like this, it will give a central hub to the festival. All around the city will be beautiful, forest chillouts and woodland parties we love to escape to. Giving the new city 3 main sections; Main City, The Forests/Woodland areas and the Campsites. In the place campsites spread over the whole site, there will now be 3 main campsites. They will be surrounding the woodland stages, over looking the city. Each of the campsite will have its own central hub, warm and inviting. They will create a shared community space, a village of its own outside the main city. Click here for a look at the New City.

Who would have thought back in 2019, that Boomtown would have announce their next chapter as ‘State of Emergency.’ They couldn’t have predicted our world closer! Chapter One ‘The Gathering, is taking us to the world post pandemic, where the city is rising from he ashes of the old. A whole new world (see what I did there) accompanied by a new story, ready to be told that focuses on reflection, acceptance and reconnection.

2021 is going to be our celebration, a time to come together, to gather, to reflect and move forward.

Proving at every turn that Boomtown Fair is more than just an event but a family, they have reduced the ticket prices. (All current ticket holders will get a partial refund!)

“With so many people going through so much right now, we felt it was vital for us to reduce the ticket price to make it easier to attend for all. By reimagining how we run and create Boomtown, we’ve been able to reduce the ticket price, but also enhance the parts that make us a truly unique experience.” Boomtown founders

Over 90% of the 2020 ticket holders choose to support Boomtown by rolling their 2020 tickets over to 2021. This means there is now less than half the ticket allocation remaining!!

Tickets to this new world go live at 7pm tonight! I know I for one don’t want to miss out, there is no town like Boomtown!

‘Despite all the negatives and losses of this time, people have also connected and collaborated as never before, to support and protect each other, strangers and friends alike.

Click here for their official events facebook page.

I will meet you there in that reborn city hidden in the woods, we will dance together again in 2021.

August 11-15th 2021, make sure you get your ticket, book off the time, heck call your mates, shout it from the roof tops!! We will dance together again!

Click here for their ticket page.

Get lost in the maze, and read all about the Boomtown Story by clicking here.

Click here for the citizen run facebook chat group.

Want some costume ideas? Click here for the Guild!

Click here for a great detailed write up by Boomtown Source.

Till we gather again, big love to you all – Alice xx

I hope this epic box becomes available to buy as merchandise!

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