One Green Bottle – Review

“The Earth is what we all have in common.”

Written by Alice; onegreenbottle have sent us in a bottle to try, we have not had any payment to write this article.

stainless steel curvy bottle

I have fallen in love with this little thing! Its cute, small, light weight and easy to hold. When I saw it on their website I didn’t think it would be the bottle for me, and went off to look at the pretty patterned ones. Well I have changed my mind, this little bottle suits me down to the ground! Thats something they have really got right, different bottles for different needs. There is no point in buying a reusable bottle unless you are going to use it, so getting the right one for you is important!

Heres me with my epic mate Sophie, at our Mini At Home Boomtown Fair. I can not put into words how much I have missed festivals this year, have I mentioned it?? Its a lot.. my poor other half has heard not much else. Me all looking sad and like, but I miss it. 😦

Check out the little One Green Bottle in the above photo! Like I said, cute, little and easy to hold. Their bottles come in loads of different styles, with different sorts of caps to make sure it matches you and your needs. This little guy can easy hang off a belt! Making it perfect for a festival.

It comes with the Quench Cap, perfect for drinking on the go. Be that at the gym, climbing a hill or well doing all that at a festival! Also perfect for the little people in your life, can clip onto their school bag and they can be personalised with their name on!

Their curvy canteen bottles come in 350ml and 500ml size. I really like the little 350ml, as I like to be as light weight as possible when at an event. (Yes I am terrible for getting someone else carrying a bottle of water, well no more with this little guy!) At events like Boomtown Fair, they have made sure that you cant go to far without coming across a water station. So a smaller light weight bottle is perfect as you can travel light and fill up as you go!

At our little mini home boomtown I may have filled it with rum and coke….and yes it was lovely! 😉

So what is about One Green Bottle which makes them epic?

They are an ‘Impact Partner’ of PlasticBank. So for every single bottle they sell they recover 25 single use plastic bottles from the ocean!

So not only are you stopping your self from buying more single use bottles, you are removing another 25 from the ocean! When you keep in mind they think there will be more plastic in the ocean than fish by 2050, this is pretty epic! Did you know those throw away bottles and plastic reusable ones, can be full of harmful chemicals too!

Their ethos

Our mission is to provide sustainable alternatives to the most problematic single use items. We do this with integrity with a product range that is good to the core. Our suppliers pass social and environmental compliance audits, ISO9001 and product quality tests and our route to market is as environmentally respectful as possible. All of our products have zero plastic packaging and this year we hope to achieve zero carbon emission status. In 2020 we officially became ‘Plastic Positive’ as part of an impact program to extract plastic pollution from our oceans and to help reduce poverty. For every single bottle we sell we remove 25 single use plastic bottles from the ocean. Each onegreenbottle can then be used for years and years and replace thousands of single use plastic bottles during its lifetime.’

They have really though through everything. Right down to their packaging, no point in making a reusable bottle and then packing it in plastic! Coming in these fun tubs, which you can reuse. Mine is sat on my desk full of pens.

They have a big range of thermal insulated bottles, keeping hot, hot for 12hr and cold, cold for 24hrs. In sizes 350ml to 2lt. Many currently in their sale, click here for the link to their thermal insulated bottles. Above are just a few of them, perfect for a colder festi. Keeping some tea or coffee hot while chilling out watching an act. Got to love Britain, be ready for anything with these bottles.

My top choices are from their little 350ml range. Like I said, I like to travel light. At big events you can just fill up as you go, or perfect for the little people in your life too! Click here for their range of 350ml bottles.

Lets talk about caps, as they have a few different options (some bottle will come with a set style so double check when you have found the right bottle for you, what it already comes with!)

Most of their caps have something you can attach to, so it can hang from a belt or bag. Really depends on which option works for you, I really like the quench cap. I am the sort of person who is used to straws and it doesn’t take much for me to tip a drink over my self. (Still cry over the baileys all down my great grand mothers dress…) So this easy to use cap works for me! You can add the internal straw too. Their straws are not made from plastic but silicone! Some of their caps, including the quench cap is made from plastic but they are made from BPA/BPS free non leaching polypropylene, with a BPA /BPS free silicone seal and air valve.

Want to stay away from plastic and like the steel cap or push down ones more. Don’t worry, like I said they have thought of almost everything with these loop carriers, made from silicone. Makes it easy to carry your bottle or gives you something to clip onto. Easy to hang off your hand, bag or belt! Perfect if you have picked a cap without built in clip. 😉

You can personalise them too! Click here for all the details. Adding a word, saying and or image! Making it a perfect gift, school bottle or a treat for your self.

There bottles start from just £12.00 (some in the sale for just £10.00!!) and they come from a company who are passionate about zero plastic packaging. Obsessive over reducing their carbon footprint and crazy about ethical production. Who are a Plasticbank Impact Partner, invested in collecting plastic rubbish. Providing infrastructure for plastic trash processing, reducing plastic pollution and poverty! So you can not only have a fun, easy to use bottle which does its job well but be happy in the knowledge you just did something good for the planet too!

They are the original supplier of stainless steel eco-friendly drinks bottles and lunchboxes. (Yes they do lunchboxes too!) I love that they have some with a classic wide mouth bottles for easy cleaning, easy filling.

“The Earth is a fine place and worth fighting for.” Ernest Hemingway

I highly recommend the 350ml curvy bottle! I passed it around at our Boomtown fair at home party and everyone kept commenting how lovely it was to hold. It just fits, and its very light weight. To keep it light weight its not insulated only skinned. This means it won’t give keep your water cold for 24hrs or hot for 12hrs. Having said that its perfect for adventures at festivals, light weight even when full, so easy to carry all day. Small so just refill at a filling station, meaning you don’t have to carry a large bottle all day and one which is still heavy/bulky when empty. Wow I read that back and I am mad for this little bottle. I sound like a window sales ‘person’ (we are in 2020 after all) I don’t not all window sales people are full on, just the ones who knock at my door lols. Out of the bottles I have tried this is the one which I pick to use so thats says a lot!

Click here for their site.

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