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Boomtown has announced a reduction in ticket price for 2021 

Hot off the press, Boomtown Fair have reduced their ticket prices for 2021. Once again proving that they put their citizens first! A lot of us have been hit by the madness which is 2020 and they have given us all a BIG light at the end of the tunnel!

Its the UK’s largest independent, theatrically led festival. While the music was paused the team at HQ took the time to really think about their journey so far and where they wanted to take the story.

Commenting on the change in pricing strategy Boomtown founders said; “With so many people going through so much right now, we felt a reduction in ticket price was vital. By reimagining how we run and create Boomtown, we’ve been able to reduce the price, but also enhance the parts that make us a truly unique experience.” Boomtown describes itself as: ‘A living theatre that ignites imagination and inspires the emergence of a better world through respect, connection, creativity and celebration.’ 

One of the things I love so much about Boomtown is not only its connection to the music and the ‘show’ but also to the earth and its citizens. We don’t feel like just a ticket number, but can choose to become part of the story. They listen to us, its truly an interactive and subversive world. You as a citizen can choose how deep into the maze you want to fall!

Boomtown Fair yet again showing how much they care about its citizens.

Each year, this five day event has come to life as a fully interactive film like movie set. Its hundreds of actors helping to bring this city to life, along with its countless venues and streets for you to roam down and explore. Not only bring some of the best mix of music but holding strong to its ethos on environmental awareness, social equality and self discovery. You can really find yourself at Boomtown.

© Giulia Spadafora / Soul Media

When the tickets for 2021 go on sale, they will simultaneously unveil the new creative direction. Which I can not be more excited for, looking back at what was the tag line for this year, is a scary realisation of how close Boomtown predicted the state of our modern world now! Over half of the ticket holders for 2020 held onto their tickets to roll over to next year. Showing their support for the festival industry during these challenging times. Tickets will be flying out of the door so make sure you have a look at all the different options and instalment plans. They are moving away from the Tiering system in favour of ticketing Phases. This means that there will be more tickets available at a lower cost, for longer. Yet again thinking of the ticket holder and how they can make this easier for us. Click here for the ticket page which will have all the breakdowns. Don’t worry an automatic partial refund will be sent to all the citizens, who where able to hold onto this years ticket. (Inline with the lowest priced tier for 2021!)

At 7pm on the 1st of October 2020 we will not only be able to buy our magical ticket into the story of Boomtown Fair but we will also get our first proper look at what we will be in store for!

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Thank you Boomtown Fair! I can’t wait to dance with you all together again – Alice xx

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