Spotlight – Tweedy Clothing

I wanted to shine a light on festival traders, many hit by events for 2020 being cancelled. They are mostly made up of small independent companies, who make a large part of their income at events throughout the summer. I like to leave at least one thing off my pre-festival buy list, so I can go on a hunt through the stalls when I’m there. It’s always an amazing mix of so many different things that you can’t just go grab at your local high street – well not mine anyway! Over the next few weeks I am going to put the spotlight on these traders, so we are not missing out!

A little facebook group has been started up to help these traders reach out and sell their fab stuff. You never know what you will find in a field in the English countryside! Click here for the link.

And you light up my life

You give me hope to carry on

You light up my days and fill my nights with song

Tweedy Clothing

What makes them special?

Josh & Cacey, the owners of Tweedy Clothing source every piece of fabric, ensuring the finest quality with the least amount of environmental impact, also designing the unique wears, overseeing the whole process from the cutting, stitching and finishing, ensuring that the working conditions & the workers pay, makes for a comfortable lifestyle. It is very important to Cacey & Josh that ALL of the Tweedy Clothing Team, have a happy life, as they not only care about the people that work for them, they understand that the workers happiness, respect & love for the brand is reflected in the workmanship of a handmade Tweedy Clothing piece. We believe that’s what makes us & our clothing special. 

Sustainable and ethical fashion

They use recycled silk to make these epic jumpsuits, ensuring that silk is not wasted. I am a vegan and I can’t bear the idea that products made from animals are just thrown away. So it’s really good to see thrown away things can be given a new life.

Cause you, you light up my life

You give me hope to carry on

You light up my days and fill my nights with song

They come in loads of different colours and priced at £35.00, click here for the link.

They have a wide range of different items, from jumpers to jumpsuits. Check out these epic Vegan “Wool” Hooded Poncho priced at £28.00. Click here for the mens version.

Could it be finally I’m turnin’ for home?

Finally a chance to say “Hey, I love you”

Never again to be all alone

So as a vegan family why do they use silk?

As a vegan family and predominantly vegan business, we often get asked why we use recycled silk for some of our clothing

In India, silk is mainly used for making saris. Any leftover silk goes to landfill and that’s that. While ideally, we may prefer silk not to be used at all, we are glad that we are able to recycle this fabric into these stunning dresses and jumpsuits, rather than it going to waste 

Our lovely beach dresses, Tinkerbell dresses and jumpsuits are all made from 100% recycled silk. So you know that this fabric would just be thrown away, completely unused otherwise .”

From epic Balloon Pants priced at £31, click here for the link. Right the way through…

To these Tie Dye Leggings priced £17.00. I am not surprised they are currently out of stock! I am just a little bit in love with them! Click here for the link.

They also have a range of jewellery, like this Gemstone Teardrop neckless priced at £35.00. Click here for the link.

Sustainable and ethical fashion from Tweedy Clothing click here for their full website.

Please note, I have not been paid for any of these promotions.

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