Festivals and Bags

“Life is too short, buy the bag..”

What’s in a bag? Well everything!! No matter if you’re travelling for the day or camping out at a festival, your bag is one of the main items you need to think about. Away from the campsite all day, on your feet most of the time, what do you need to hand? Your wallet, cash, cards, phone? They are the main things, but what about your water bottle, fan, hand gel, mobile phone charger and girly stuff? What things can you do to carry less and what are the best bags for your next festival?

Tips and Tricks

Wear a lanyard, you can put loads on there from keys to hand-gel (if you have a big bag, lanyards make finding your keys quick work).

Wearing a belt or bumbag? Loads of things like your hand-gel can hang off them. Taking a coat to make use of the pockets? Will you remember where things are? How easy are they to get to in deep crowds? Are you sure they’re safe? What if it’s too hot to carry your jacket?

Make use of the lockers, lots of festivals have lockers. These are great if you want to keep some cash stashed, your car keys and your phone charging for the day (many lockers have charge points).

Keep things in the car, this only works if it’s not a two day hike back to the car park. Due to bad weather and the tent being flooded last year, we took a load of friends in to our caravan. They stashed most of their stuff back in the car so they could travel lighter.

Here are some great bags, with everyone in your crew in mind!

Cross Body Bag

Highlighting this as we have been sent this epic little cross over bag by One Green Bottle. We will be able to give you the full review soon! The moment we got it out of the box, we knew we was onto a winner! Alice has been looking for the perfect bag to hold a water bottle and all her extra bits for the day. She is terrible at remembering to carry a bottle, usually sharing one with someone else or getting others to carry it..ha ha..Well, we want to really make sure we are all promoting using reusable bottles, it’s so important. If you’re new to reducing down your footprint, just doing this one thing; taking a reusable bottle to a festival, will do so much good for our environment! Check out our blog all about it by clicking here. Keep an eye out for the full review of this epic little bag coming soon, to have a look at one for yourself, click here.

“I’m very organised these days, and I keep my life in my handbag, like most women.” – Britt Ekland

Belt Bags/Bum Bags

Alice is always banging on about bum bags (if you’re over the pond then it’s fancy packs to you). Don’t underestimate these little bags! Loos at festivals are not know for their vast amounts of space, this is where a bumbag was such a huge help…. Ever wanted to rest a bag down on the floor of a loo at a festival? You can really add to your costume or look with a bumbag as they come in loads of different looks. Here are some fab ones –

Cork Belt Bag

Such a cute belt bag, you can wear lots of different ways and made from cork!! Click here for the link.

Hemp BumBag

I love BumBags, call me an 80’s gal (Alice) but they are so fab and handy to use. This is such a cute, hippy vibe bag, it’s totally vegan! Made with hemp, eco friendly and handmade! This boho chic bag is only £13.99 Click here for the Etsy shop.

Cork Bum Bag

Made from cork!! Yes, cork. How epic is this structured vegan bumbag made with rustic striped cork. This bag made from sustainable cork is £35.00 from Bygone Bags. Click here for the link.

Men’s Belt Bag Custom Waist Bag

This can be personalised from £50.00 upwards. Click here for the link.

Chase the Rainbow

This has such a Gem and The Hologrames vibe! This rainbow glitter belt bag is £12.00 from Accessorize. Click here for a link to their site.

African Wax Print Bum Bag

We just adore the colours and patterns of African Wax Print, so vibrant and this colour-way would look epic with some uv paint etc. £35.00 Click here for the link.

Neon Belt Bag

Loving the little neon belt bag from fnkylab, click here for the link. These belt bags are like the new ‘bumbag’. We love the different colours they come in so they can match your favourite outfit! Currently priced at £41.65 its made of synthetic leather and 100% handcrafted! They have a few different styles and some made from cork too, have a look at their Esty shop by clicking this link.

‘Cassidy’ Bumbag

Looking so Blissful, best give a shout out to Mr Bliss at Boomtown Fair for this look! Made from deadstock fabric (i.e. fabric that would otherwise go to waste) in denim with a tie dye effect. As it’s tie dyed, no one is the same! Also available in plain black. This bag of epicness is £16.00 from Lucy and Yac. Click here for the link.

Mini Cork Bag

Made from cork and comes in lots of different colours! Prized at £42.59 from sakkahandmade, click here for the link.

Cork Waist Bag

It’s a larger sized bag, so more to wear on your back. You can fit a bottle of water, a raincoat and a lot of other things too! It’s very comfortable. It has an extra strap that keeps it secure on your back. For festivals it’s great because you can take everything you need and have it all to hand. As it is pretty big, be careful not to over fill it! Perfect to stash a raincoat or jumper to save a trip back to the campsite. Its £48.70 from esty, click here for the link.

“I want someone to look at me the way I look at a Chanel bag.” – Unknown

Back Pack/Rucksack

Be it a day back pack or something to hike all your gear onto site, here’s some options! You can go for a large backpack, a backpacking around the world type, or two small ones (one front and one back for balance) or a smaller backpack with a hand held carrier style duffle bag combo.

Duffel Bag by Wills Vegan Store

Are you the rave mum? This may be a bit overkill for just the day away unless you are your group’s rave mum! Whether you’re packing light for the festival or rocking up with two bags, this bag is lush from Wills Vegan Store. It’s Carbon Neutral at £155.00. Perfect for weekend trips away too (the blue option is currently out of stock, it’s unisex too). Click here for the link.

Mini Retro Rainbow

These teeny rucksacks are all completely unique, made from a combination of broken bouncy castles and broken inflatables. In a range of colours priced at £35.00. Keep in mind this is very much a mini version and more suited for children. Click here for the link.

Convertible Backpack Roll Top Backpack

This one can be personalised, available from £92.29 click here for the link.

Large BackPack

We really like the plain classic style of this unisex bag. It also comes in a pink coloursway too. £125.00 from Wills Vegan Store. Click here for the link.


This water resistant nylon material bag also comes in black. Priced at £39.99. LOVE the ‘Don’t Just Exist’ motto on the side. Click here for the link.

Mini Backpack

Here’s one for the little person in your life, this bag used to be a bouncy castle! It’s water resistant/wipe clean. £29.00 Click here for the link.

10L Backpack

Water resistant exterior made from inflatables salvaged as part of their Inflatable Amnesty, Wyatt and Jack are dedicated to sustainable fashion. Priced at £69.00. Click here for the link.

Day Pack

Loads of different designs to pick from, these are ‘stand out from the crowds’ bags, priced at £39.00. Click here for the link.

Waterproof Roll Top Backpack

Water Resistant Roll Top Vegan Rucksack is the ideal combination of reclaimed materials. The main body of the bag is made using recycled canvas from military tents, a material which is both hard-wearing and waterproof. Reclaimed rubber from tyre inner tubes is then used to add rigidity and strength to the design. Priced £165.00. Click here for the link.

Ando Slimline Inner Tube

The soft and flexible recycled rubber ensures that the backpack sits comfortably in the contours of your back, making it practical to wear all day. It comes with one internal fastened pocket and two internal zip pockets. The main compartment has a closing flap with button fastening for additional security and water resistance. Handcrafted using reclaimed inner tubes meaning each one has a unique pattern. Priced at £130.00. Click here for the link.

“I don’t want flowers….I want a handbag!”

Weekend/Carrier Bag/Holdall

Not loving a back pack? Want a holdall or want a combo of the backpack and weekender bag – then here’s my favourites. We love holdalls, they take Alice back to her boating roots. She still uses her Granny’s sailing holdall, compete with sailing club logo on it.

Personalised Vintage Canvas Holdall

The bag is a vintage in style and is personalised with initials of your choice, would make a great gift too. Priced at £39.00 Click here for the link.

Water Resistant Duffle

Water Resistant Duffle Bag is handmade using recycled canvas from military tents. The material is lightweight, water-resistant and durable, making the duffle bag suitable as a travel bag, gym bag or even as small luggage. In addition to the spacious main compartment, the outer zip compartment allows you easy access for things like your passport and travel tickets. Priced at £105.00. Click here for the link.

ReNew Transit Weekender

Made from 100% recycled polyester with a water-resistant clean off with a cloth finish. Made from 36.6 renewed plastic bottles. Comes in three colours, black, quartz (above) or Charcoal. Priced at £69.00, click here for the link. (Some of their products are not vegan, so remember to check first if you go for a wander on their site.)

Wills Weekender Bag

Heavy weight cotton canvas bag, with room for a fews pairs of shoes and changes of clothes, a toiletry bag, laptop, notepad, books and more. Priced at £139.00, comes in three colours. Click here for the link.

Large Yoga Bag

Huge sports bag in thick, sturdy organic cotton canvas. Add your yoga or sleeping mat under it! Priced at £50.00 and comes in black, pink and green. Click here for the link.

“My biggest fear is that when I die, my husband will sell all my bags for what I told him they cost.” – Unknown

The Wild Card

You know we love a wild card, looking for something to match a look?

Saddle Bag by Wills Vegan Store

Can you get anymore 1970’s!! This would look so cute with a 1970’s floaty dress, the perfect hippy festival look! Carbon neutral too! Grab yours for £95.00, click here for the link. (Also available in black)

Round Bag by New Look

If you’re a big move dancer then you may not love this style. Here is a cute one from New Look £13.99 and comes in two colour-ways, black or cream. Click here for the link. The cream one is currently in a sale at only £7.00.

Satchel with Jacquard Strap

Love the colours of this, hand-woven by evacuees from Mount Agung volcano in Bali priced at £245.00 click here for the link.

Crossbody Sling Hobo Bag

Handmade using recycled rubber and reclaimed military canvas, lightweight, durable and water-resistant. Priced at £85.00. Click here for the link.

Vintage and Second Hand Bags

We have popped this under wild card, as they are one-offs. You can find second hand bags from eBay, Preloved, Preloved Kilo, Gumtree, Facebook market place, Etsy, vintage fairs, loads of places; or like one of our festival crew did and ‘borrowed’ her mums 😉 This one is a 1970s Escort Carry On Bag by American Luggage Works with Escort Luggage Tag. It’s priced at £30.25. Click here for the link. A lot of second hand bags are going to be made from leather. Our owner Alice, is a big believer of saving products using animal skin from being binned. Use it till it’s past being fixed. The bag linked is faux leather. There is a lot of joy to be had buying second hand and vintage as you will be less likely to have the same bag as others.

Cross over bag with water carrier

Full review coming soon. Priced at £18.00, click here for the link.

“It’s not a man purse. It’s called a satchel. Indiana Jones wears one.” – The Hangover


From patches to wash bags, here are some fab ideas.

Wash Bags

Keeping It Clear transparent box wash // bag

Boxy wash bag in totally transparent PVC. Made from offcuts generated during the process of building bouncy castles, from fabric that would otherwise be heading to landfill. £21.00 Click here for the link.

Keeping It Clear Washbag

Being clear makes it easy to spot the item you need! Like the one above this is made from offcuts when bouncy castles are made. Click here for the link.

Keeping it Clear String Pouch

Making trips to the showers a little easier with this one! Or it could make a cute little handbag. Priced at £14.50 for this little bag made from offcuts of bouncy castles. Click here for the link.

Cork Travel Bag

Cork Travel Bag which is Zero Waste, Vegan and Eco Friendly! Priced at £15.00. Click here for the link.

Upcycled Seatbelt Multipurpose Pouch 

Upcycled Seatbelt Multipurpose Pouch, handmade by the artisan group in Malaysia. It’s durable and easy to clean. It’s got a spacious pouch to store stationery, make-up, gadgets, toiletries or as an organiser. The perfect unisex travel wash bag. Priced at £45.00 and available in two colour-ways. Click here for the link.

“The Earth is what we all have in common.” Mother Teresa.

Make it yours

Here are some fab different things you can use to personalise your bag and make it yours! We are a big lover of making things our own, from keyring and badges. Also added some ideas for fixing an old bag too, just cos its broke don’t mean its ready for the dump!

Membawa Jacquard Cross Body Strap

Love these detachable straps, what a fab idea and the colours they come in are fab! Renovating a vintage bag? Fixing a broken strap? Here is a funky and beautiful clip-on potential replacement. We love giving new life to old items and this is a great way to do that. Why not swap straps for different looks? Get the designer look with a smaller price tag. Lots of different patterns at £75.00. Click here for the link.

Replacement Bag Straps

Want to change your bag to your outfit, or replace a broken strap? These are made from nylon and priced at £28. Click here for the link.

Flag Patches

Personalise your bag! They can be stuck/sewn on, they are priced at £4.00 each or the bargain of 4 for £10.00. Click here for the link.


Handcrafted using recycled rubber in an eco-friendly and cruelty-free process. Made using reclaimed inner tubes, which gives each seahorse it’s own unique thread markings. Priced at £10.00. Click here for the link. Check out their other keyring from cats to reused bike chains, click here.

Pin Badges

Love love pin badges, how fun are these! It’s a great way to make a bag your own (if your bag is water proof don’t put a pin through that part save them for straps). These are priced at £1.00. Click here for the link.

Enamel Pin

Same with the pin badges, don’t pin through waterproof fabrics! How adorable are these?! Priced at £8.00. Click here for the link.

Bottle Opener keyring

Recycled skateboard bottle opener keyring is handcrafted by a keen skater who is also passionate about up-cycling. He saw that many broken boards get discarded, so he decided to use his handicraft skills to give those abandoned skateboards a second life. They were originally part of a skateboard, so each piece is different and has its own unique characteristics. Priced at £12.00. Click here for the link.


Alice has some old steam-trunks and still with their stickers of far away places. A quick and easy way to make a bag yours, is to sticker it up! Click here for the link.

Happy Sun Embroidered Patch

How cute is this, little ray of sunshine. Priced £4.50. Click here for the link.

Bee Embroidered Patch – Iron On Patches

If your bag is made from water proof material then it’s best to use iron-on embroidered patches that don’t need to be sewn on. I love these and look epic on jeans too. These Bees are priced at £4.00. Click here for the link.

Sun Keyring

Brighten up your plain bag with a ray of sunshine. Priced at £8.00. Click here for the link.

Vintage Travel/Luggage Tag

We are big believers in buying second hand where possible, find something different which fits you. Like these Former Fedex B727 Luggage Tags. Priced £19.90. Click here for the link.

We don’t need a handful of people doing zero waste perfectly. We need millions of people doing it imperfectly.” – Anne Marie Bonneau

All the bags we have listed here are VEGAN, most coming from companies who themselves are vegan focused with a low CO2 footprint and/or giving back to the people and the planet. Tag us on social media with your favourite festi bag! We keep an eye on all our write ups and the companies we recommend.

For WILLS click here These lovely folk are 100% VEGAN AND CARBON NEUTRAL ‘nice one brother’

For Lucy and Yak click here They are independent, handmade and sustainable.

For Wyatt and Jack click here Reusing thrown away bouncy castles, beach chairs and inflatables!

For Paguro Click here Reusing seat belts, inner tubes and army tents.

For Gandys London Click here Every purchase goes towards funding a kids campus. Not all of their products are fully vegan but they use left over scraps which would have been binned.

For One Green Bottle Click here Plastic neutral company, each bottle sold they collect 25 single use plastic water bottles from ocean bound trash and provide much needed income to collectors in poverty stricken regions.

For Everlane Click here working to build a transparent and environmentally responsible supply chain.

For This is Stelar Click here They work directly in and with the communities that create their products, support the artisans to remain, and work, within the villages that have inspired their craft over many generations. Not all of their products are fully vegan so please check the item if you go for a wonder on their site.

“People should go vegan so they don’t hurt the planet” – Max aged 9

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