Mini Home Boomtown

The Boomtown Fair blues hit us all HARD this year. Its hard enough waiting a whole year but now two!! The amazing team at Boomtown had our backs though, they pulled out all the stops last weekend. Normally today, we would be packing up our tents and heading home. Leave no trace. Today, my tent is flooded, and am picking up feathers from around the house – kitten has eaten my festival wings…. This year though, those blues are not hitting me so hard, as already I’m designing costumes and chatting with the boomtown fam about my idea of a conga-line next year!!

Thats what Boomtown Fair is, a big family. Just look at the posts on the facebook group, so much love over this weekend. Click here for the Boomtown Chat group.

Take your tent home and leave no trace!

Today I woke early to the sound of thunder a few feet from my roof – well it felt like that! Still thinking of all the little stories from our Mini Boomtown. “Take me to Russia” I closed my eyes for a moment, dancing to hard Russian house in the tent and it could have been Boomtown. Just for a spilt second.

I wanna say a HUGE thank you to all the Boomtown Fair Crew for all the on-line content this weekend. Epic!

See if you can spot me in this video 😉

A few friends and a huge bell tent (thank you Tina for the lend, yes now I want one) I had borrowed two but only one could fit, guess my garden is smaller than I thought….it took up the whole garden. Some hand made signs and some tunes, really did hold off my festival blues! First time in over 15 years I’ve put up a tent! I am a caravan gal, so easy arriving at a festival, put down the legs and job done! The bell tent though…..its beautiful.

Was so great just to get the festival box open, hand out headdresses and glitter. Life is all about good friends, laughing and dancing together. At last got to check out the lights I had added to my festival flower crown. Its a huge one so didn’t wear in the night last year. I have BIG plans for next years crown….going back to my Goth roots!

Thanks to Facebook, Woov app and YouTube, we have managed to feel connected to our bigger boomtown family. A little of the wonderful madness of the fair was felt at home.

With the help of our little mini home Boomtown, my festival crew has grown. Added a few more to pull into the wonderland that is that crazy fair next year.

Cant even really put into words how much I’ve missed festivals this year, I am truly a FestiGal. Love getting lost in the woods, in search of adventure.

Its the first time, due to 2020 lockdown we have had some of our friends meet each other. (Not many to keep risks down.) So lovely to see our mates are on the same wavelength. I’ve been with this epic man, Chris for almost a year now, most of that has been spent locked up together in lockdown, homeschooling 3 children! I was so excited to drag him to Boomtown Fair, and the poor guy has heard not much else out of me ‘this one time at Boomtown, I had a dan….’ ‘Yes Alice, a dance to the death….’ “Oh yeah, you know that story…Lols’

Thanks for putting up with my Boomtown obsession! I cant wait to share it with you!

Boomtown Fair, meet Ryan, Ryan meet Boomtown. Chris has some epic mates, and I cant wait to share festivals with them next year as I know its going to be a whole other level of madness! Spent a lot of my time dancing with Sophie and Ryan to hard Russian house, in the bell tent. There are not many people out there like Ryan, he brings the party to the party!

Hold onto your hats, I’m bring an epic crew next year. Was so lucky to meet such a wonderful crew last year, and my festival fam is growing daily thanks to Facebook! One thing we have all missed, is not just the music, dancing, escapism but our friends!!! Many just meet up at festivals, due to our busy life’s but also distance between us.

This gal, love her, ever since I got to know her at a random house party years ago!! In all our years of craziness, we have never got to go to a festival together. Was so lovely, to do dance together again after so long. The lockdown has hit us in ways I couldn’t of imagined.

We have been safe in our little bubble for months, but I’ve missed hugging my friends, just being around them. We all give off energy, being around the right people, fills our batteries and makes it easier to cope with the hard normality of our day to day life’s. If you feel drained after time with your friends and like your energy as been pulled out of you…then you maybe hanging around the wrong people. Friends BUILD you up! They don’t tear you down.

Got my craft proper on for our little mini Boomtown. My fav is the one in the background, he’s asking everyone to ‘leave no trace.’ I know, a little reminder, please take your stuff home with you. Its important! Have a little read of my blog all about why, by clicking here.

You know when you meet someone and you just know your going to be proper friends. Thats how I have felt about Chris’s tight group of mates. I’ve often found it hard to gel with my ex partners family or friends. I can be very full on, and a little different. My love of vintage, classic car, love of old caravans and retro clothes. I have never felt so welcomed by a whole group of friends. They have all known each other years and very close. To be made to feel like one of the gang from the onset has filled my heart with good vibes.

How epic does this bell tent look in photos, the light in there is fab and I am just in love with the photos.

Count my self very lucky to have such epic friends, chilled fun times making up a little for the lack of festivals this year.

Wasn’t just for the adults, but the little minis too. My 3 had a fab time, in the pool, running about dancing and getting glitter face paint. No school for months, limited contact, its affected them all. A little mini festival to make up for no camping this year was so lovely. Look at these two cuties!! Having such a blast. Don’t forget Boomtown has a huge town just for the kids.

I miss hugs 😦 Hugging my family, my friends. Feel blessed to have a partner and lovely little mini people, so I have hugs on tap. That moment when you see your mum or a friend and its always a hug first. It hurts.

Love this Free Hugs sign, left over from last years Boomtown Fair. It was a little reminder of freely given hugs to strangers in a different world to what we have now. Hopeful for this to change soon.

Glitter time! Over the years, I’ve built up quite a big collection of glitter!

My little girl is just adorable, handing out love hearts to everyone. While I got them all covered in glitter.

Adding these photos to this blog has made me pretty emotional, my family has gone through some huge changes over the last few years. This gal right here, in the dark times of building me and the kids back up from domestic abuse; arrived gifts in hand and stayed with us. She brought with her sunshine, lollipops and love. She gave me support and helped to repair me, like I said being around the right people build you up. We have known each other for too many years to count, from clubbing friends in my pre-kids life, through the dark times to now. Covered in glitter and posing together in a bell tent. I am truly grateful for what I have and to now be in a happy place to share my life with the people who have been there for me. The amazing Steph as set up ‘Beautifully Energised’ A dietary and lifestyle coaching platform, empowering women to feel energised, grounded and inspired to live their best lives. Take it from me, she knows what she’s talking about. She has a fab page on facebook, click here for more info.

In the run up to our little mini Boomtown at home, the weather was unreally good! Then in true festi tradition, here came the rain! The tent is still flooded from the storm which came a day or so after. At least this year, I wasn’t being lifted off into the air while clinging onto the tent as it took me a foot or so off the ground!

Kids don’t mind the cold, and they had loads of fun in the pool.

Ok its not a big festival field, in fact the tent pretty much filled the whole garden, but it a little of those festi vibes where felt.

I’ve missed festivals so much, I have a huge old steamer trunk full of all my festi stuff. Like I’ve said, I miss it! So much in fact for the boring weekly shop, I’ve pulled a few bits out of the trunk. From glitter shoes, to one of my festi coat. Everyday life needs a little sparkle.

Boomtown Fair have shown they care about its citizens and even made colouring pages. They have been thinking about how hard we have all been hit mentally by lockdown and done something for us.

I’ve seen many posts of what people have done with theirs, so good they have framed them. Click here for their colouring in pages.

I am really proud of these head dresses, I think I’m getting pretty good at them. Now having worked out how to fit lights in them, I have big plans for next years ones. I have a growing collection, so I could hand them out!

Loving the jewellery I made using my Boomtown wrist band from last year. My favourite is this little necklace, its from the wrist band, ‘Leave No Trace.’ Words to live by!!

This gal, I love her. So good to have a little dance together…well ok a big dance to hard Russian dance music! This girl is full of sunlight and love, always giving to people. She’s been there for me over the past few years, and become part of my family. I am proud that she’s my friend and won’t ever be able to repay her for being there for me and my minis. Really was a great choice for my son’s godmother, we are blessed to have her in our life’s. Like I said I am feeling emotional writing this. Thank you Sophie, you have done so much for my little family. Truly grateful, can I adopt you as my sister? Tots look like you could be! 🙂

Seeing our friends get on was magic, knowing your mates are on the same wavelength is priceless. This little mini home Boomtown was like a dry run of our mates getting together, a taster of all the fun times coming next year.

So if you haven’t brought your ticket for next years Boomtown Fair, why not? Even while cancelled they still brought all the fun of the fair to our homes.

Big love to all the Boomtown Fair crew and family. Times are hard for our all right now, but a little moment lost in the wonder of it all helped.

Ticket information and links to all their on-line content click here.

Till we can all dance together again, stay safe.

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