Festivals and Perler/Kandi

It’s like candy

I can feel it when you walk

Even when you talk it takes over me

You’re so dandy

I went to my first festival when I was about 2/3 years old, started clubbing when I was 14, proper clubbing at 17. Am 38 so I’ve watched over the years how things have changed, but also how many things still remain and have grown apoon. One thing I love is PLUR.

Part of the festival experience for me, is ‘spreading love’ or as one of my friends would put it ‘spread the LOVeeeeeeEVE’ Boomtown 2019 was my ‘chapter closing’ point and I wanted to give back. So I brought a bag of bubbles/keyrings and handed them out. There is a magic feeling when you hand someone a free gift, its like watching a mini feeling of Christmas coming over them. Me and my friend who where handing them out, got many many hugs, high 5s, a few odd looks. It really added something to our experience.

Many people do this at festivals and shows, some swoop kandi too. No its not a code name for legal stuff, its a really hopeful thought of friendship and unity.

Peace Love Unity Respect – PLUR

PLUR is an aggregation of ideas that were part of the earlier hippie and peace movement (“peace”, “love”) and black and hip hop culture (“respect”). Specific use of the term dates to the early 1990s rave scene. One of the most influential uses of the term was made by DJ Frankie Bones in June 1993. In response to a fight in the audience of one of his Storm Raves in Brooklyn, Bones took the microphone and proclaimed: “If you don’t start showing some peace, love, and unity, I’ll break your faces.” is also reported that as early as “on July 4, 1990, […] Frankie’s brother and Storm Rave collaborator Adam X painted ‘Peace Love Unity’ on a train car”.Taken from Wikipedia

Exchanging, swooping, gifting or getting kandi happens at festivals, raves and shows. Many will do this while saying the mantra ‘peace, love, unity, respect.’ Then changing over kandi, its a symbol of plur and friendship. Some people think this is something which is only in the USA, but it has always been a part of the UK dance scene.

You’re giving me a heart attack

It’s the kind I like

It’s like candy, you’re so dandy

Lockdown has hit me harder than I could have imagined, right now I should be recovering from Boomtown Fair and remembering the madness of Glastonbury. So one thing which has really helped me, is making kandi and perler. Thank you to Emma Kapotes for reminding me all about kandi and the epic-ness of perler.

Its really good form of mindfulness, and you end up with something at the end too. I love adding little sayings and words to my bracelets, and necklace. Spending hours pinning to my Pinterest board about kandi or my one for perler. Its something which Ive been doing with the kids too, my little girl is making some mega cute little bracelets and its real time together crafting. Keep an eye on your mental health, lockdown has really hit us all and making things has helped me keep going, from building our Tiki Bar to making resin bangles.


Lets start with perler! Whats that saying, your only limitation is your imagination, this stuff is a bit like that.

What are these tiny bits of plastic….Ok you got me, I hate plastic and am all about re-using and keeping our planet free of it… cut to me walking down the stairs and dropping a necklace…an untied neckless…So be careful and I warn you its addictive! My other half is looking at me like am crazy over here, its the only ironing I think he’s ever seen me do lols.

Your gonna need some perler beads, boards, ironing paper, an iron and some imagination. I recommend getting started with a little kit, so you can see if you like it and that will have everything in it you need to get started (expect the iron.)

As am always filing events for my youtube channel I thought one of the first ones I would start with would be a youtube symbol. For this one, I had a look online at some others but in the end just took a photo of the app icon on my phone and worked it out. I removed a few beads where I wanted to tie it. This one is so ‘me’ I love black and adding in the pop of yellow brought the necklace to life. I will talk about kandi further down, and how to make the necklace part.

So what do you need, here are some a affiliate links to Amazon to get an idea. I highly recommend getting extra black, white, grey and red (if your doing anything superhero your going to get through red quick!) I brought a large mix box too, this is cheaper but be careful mixing bead types/makes. You can see the change in reds above in my youtube icon, this is two different boxes of red…

I brought a little kit from Amazon everything but the iron to get you started Click here for the link.

Different shaped boards can help with your designs! Click here for the link.

You can find loads of online templates for different designs, you can print off some or just use a photo and count the beads in rows. Try and make it your own though, and keep copyright in mind.

Its the first one I made and its still my favourite! The beads I picked for the chain match so well. Its big so it makes a big impact! I cant wait to wear it festivals next year.

Here it is in action at our mini home Boomtown Fair. Click here to read all about it!

You sure are sweet

You’re so dandy

You’re taking my appetite, but it’s all right

It’s like candy


Give me alll the kandi!! I love it.

There are loads of kits out there, amazon and eBay is where I have got most of my kandi. Also I’ve been re-using broken necklaces and old beads (family of hoarders.)

These are the two packs I bought, affiliated links. It takes me to a really mindful place of thinking about what I want on my kandi. Its mostly been ‘boomtown’ and go vegan lols. I have always had an amber bracelet on and an old one had broken so I have reused the beads. I love amber and really believe in its healing properties. I’m a busy person by nature and it calms me fiddling with my bracelets.

Simply put, you’re the reason why

Even though I’m real shy

(Real shy)I attempt to look my best for you

(Indeed I do, just for you)

‘Cause you affect me, fascinate me

I thank heaven for the things that you do

You most likely have some old beads, broken favourite necklace in the back of the drawer…get creative, you don’t just have to use beads. You can melt perler beads in the oven to make little spacer beads.

‘It’s like candy
(Ooh, vanilla! Chocolate!)
You look real nice, wrapped up tight
You’re so dandy
You’re giving me a heart attack
It’s the kind I like
It’s like candy, you’re so dandy

Go get your craft on, its a good way to pass the time till we can all dance together again!

Am just editing a video on ‘how to’ create your own I will add here soon.

Stay safe everyone, hang in there we will be back in them fields soon!

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