Festivals and Periods

Looking so good, it’s a darn god shame, that they couldn’t all be mine

Looking so pretty, it’s a darn god pretty, oh, you’re looking so fine (fine)

This is one for the Aunt Flo crew!

Your planning your epic festival, 5 day event…..BOOM ‘oh hey girl, Aunt Flo has packed all her bags and is tagging along too…’ Oh happy, happy, joy, joy – Said no gal ever.

This blog is for you, some tips and hints to make your camping out in a field, dancing for days straight all while trying not to haemorrhage that little easier! Can I first say, we rock! You got this girl.

My first festival of the year last year, and first came the blotting… I remember messaging my friend like, WHY!! 😦 I have the smallest outfit and I look pregnant right now, thanks body…

Not only do you have to deal with changes to your body and hormones, but pain and well lets face it, the blood. All while dancing for hours, dealing with long queues to the loos, lack of loo paper, or washing areas….Hmmm its a downer! So heres some tips to cope with the time of the month when you should be having the time of your life at your favourite festival!

Lets talk about the blood first. Even me, is having trouble trying to write this in a polite to the point way, without talking about how the bathroom can look like a scene from some overzealous murder movie, who got fake blood on sale… I’m vegan and do my best to try and live my life without creating loads of waste and negative impact to the planet. Have you tried reusable period items? They can work really well in the festival environment.

The Cup

Most gals have heard about the menstrual cup, if you haven’t what is it? A small, foldable, reusable device made from silicone, rubber or plastic that collects, rather than absorbs, the menstrual blood when inserted into the vagina. Many things designed for our time of the month, red army is invading, monthly vister, on, ‘we have a code red girls’, or what ever code name you use, apparently there are 5000 ways to say your on the blob, reckons a cosmopolitan article, absorb blood. A menstrual cup won’t dry you out or leave fibres behind. Using a cup over a tampon reduces the risk of Toxic Shock Syndrome. A rare disease caused by a toxic substance that is produced by certain kinds of bacteria. The toxic substance can cause organ damage (including kidney, heart, and liver failure), shock, and even death. This is a lower risk if the tampon is removed in under 8 hours. This is easier to forgot in a festival environment and drinking is involved.

Cups are perfect for festivals, as you are not under the same pressure to change/empty every few hours. Long queues waiting for the loo and trying to time going to change tampons around busy days and set times or even running out of them! Also, they are so much better for the environment! Saving our planet is important, little changes add up.

Its a one stop shop, can be tricky to get the hang of it but once you have got it right you won’t look back.

Top tips from my lovely friend Steph: “In my experience, have a wet wipe and alcohol gel to hand to clean your hands after emptying a cup. Have a bottle of water to rinse it before you reinsert it, and disinfect it properly when you get home / back to camp by boiling it for 5 mins xxx”

If you haven’t brought any cooking facilities to boil up your cup for 5mins, then you could use an on the go cleanser. Click here OrganiWash. Thank you to Tiana Wright for the tip!

The lovely Steph not letting Aunt Flo get her down 😉 and bossing it Transmission festival

There are lots of cups to choose from now, make sure you buy a trusted brand and not a cheap knock off.

Fun fact: the first menstrual cup, made from rubber, was invented in 1937 by an American woman named Leona Chalmers.  Unfortunately for Chalmers, a wartime rationing of rubber during World War II impacted the production of her menstrual cup.

If your unsure which will be the best fit, there are lots of helpful websites. This one has a ton of information on it about different brands, styles and helps you to find the best one for you. Click here for a link. Try not to get overwhelmed with all the different types, pick a trusted brand and go for it!


Mooncup is the leading brand when it comes to cups and I highly recommend them. They are the brand you have most likely heard of and they have teamed up with me to give away one of their cups as a competition, which is coming soon!

Su Hardy built up the company from her spare room, working around the clock with a few friends, and it is now an award-winning, international, employee-owned business based in Brighton with a dedicated team of 18.

So which Mooncup is best for you? Easy, there are only 2 sizes, A and B.

Size A is recommended for those who are 30 and over, and all who have given birth vaginally regardless of age. Size B is recommended for those under the age of 30 who have not given birth vaginally.

They are priced at £21.99 with free delivery and you will save money by using one!

Click here for the link to the Mooncup site.

“Hey guys just wanted to say that I’m not going to go back to tampons, I found they hurt and was uncomfortable nearer the end of my cycle, so I brought a mooncup and I’m in love, I’ve only used it for one cycle but needed to say its great, Ive had a few teething problems but I’m sure they will get better after each cycle, on my first day of using the cup I didn’t need to use a hot water to ease my tummy cramps no painkillers it was amazing I felt at one with my body, being able to see how my body works is quite amazing too, lovely product just amazing” EVELYN – 29TH JANUARY 2020


Something which is still pretty new, well cute ones, is reusable knickers. Even at a festival you can still use reusable pants or pads. Have a sealed bag (or wash bag) just throw them in the wash when you get home. These don’t last as long as the cups but they can be an extra layer of protection, some of my outfits have been pretty small and this little extra layer would give me a lot of reassurance if I couldn’t rush to the loo. Also great for those few days ether side of your Shark Week where your body isn’t really sure what its doing. At a hot festival, dancing away, cotton down there is far nicer than plastic pads.


I love reusable pants, I wasn’t sure before I had tried them but now they make Moon Time, so much nicer! Here is whats on offer from Cheeky Wipes.

Feeling SPORTY – Low-rise Period Pants from Cheeky Wipes

These are Cheeky Wipes Sporty pants, low-rise and (in my experience) super comfy, I forget I’m wearing them. They are priced at £10.50 each or 3 for £30. Click here for more information Cheeky Wipes They have a few different types, High Waisted (extra comfort and security) the Low-rise (above) and Mid-rise (pretty and sassy.)

Here are the high-rise and mid-rise. I also wanted to add, thank you Cheeky Wipes for using ‘real’ models and not photoshopping out her tiger-marks. 🙂

My advice would be to get one one the mini bags, to keep on you while away from the campsite just incase if you need to change your pants. Have the large size back at the campsite to store all the used panties till you get home. You can add a little tea tree or lavender oil to the bag in case you are worried about smells. Also these two oils are natural disinfects.

The above photo (Larmers) is of their Mini Double Wetbag, which has a second pocket which you could pop in wet wipes! Check here for the link to this bag. The single pocket (Kolaers) Click here for the link shown above.

Large double Wet Bag from Cheeky Wipes

Here is there large double pocket wet bag, great to throw them used panies etc in till your home. All there bags come in different pattens, they also do reusable pads, click here. Reusable wet wipes, click here. Reusable make-up removing pads, click here. They also do lots of different ‘kits’ like the Keep It Simple Kit, which has 3x pants, 2x pads, 5x wipes and a bag. Click here for more info. (Its my birthday in December fyi, a moon cup and kit from cheeky wipes please!) I love Cheeky Wipes, they are a uk small company and run lots of offers so check out there webpage by clicking here.

There are a few companies out there now creating reusable pants, Cheeky Wipes is the only company I have used so far.

Also worth noting that these pants, are great for if you have a weak blander.

Keep an eye out for our competition which Cheeky Wipes have added some epic prizes too!

Here come the girls

Here come the girls

Here come the girls (girls, girls, girls-girls)

Me Surfing the Crimson Wave, lols, aka Barbie Life.


I know I may have put you off tampons for life above but there is one brand I do like, TOTM. They are made from cotton with a cardboard applicator. This is much kinder on the envovoment, and your body. They have left out fragrance, rayon and chlorine bleach. So they are much safer to use too!

I really like the tampons from TOTM and I don’t feel so terrible when I put one in the bin. Still not as great for the planet as a cup but a huge step away from plastic applicators used in most tampons. Many other leading brands, are still using plastic in the wrapping and bleach in the tampon its self! I like the little cotton pads too, much better on a hot day than plastic coated pads. These are very thin pantie liners, there just in case your queuing for the loo a little longer than you had hoped. (There packaging is also paper/cardboard, much better for Mother Earth.)

Click here for their website or look out for them in places like Tesco! They also have a subscription service so you don’t get court short!

Please think about the product you pick, did you know every year over 45 billion feminine hygiene products are disposed of globally! Ocean Conservancy volunteers collected 27,938 used tampons and applicators on our world’s beaches on a single day. (Taken from this website.) If your not ready for a cup and reusable pants etc, go for TOTM in the interim. Just go for it though, take back some control over your Red Wedding!

Keep Track

Be a step ahead of the game, and keep track of when The Painters will be arriving by downloading a period tracker ahead of the festival season. That way your not going to get caught out while in the middle of a field with a long muddy walk to find some sort of tampon (not always lucky with our fellow gals in the que having your back when caught out!) Some of the highest rated are, Clue, Flo and Ovia. Check out the 11 Best Period Tracker Apps, According To Ob-Gyns in this article by Womans health, click here.

I can live without coffee, I can live without tea

And I’m livid about the honeybee

I’m not a fillet steak

I can leave or take

But the girls are part of me


What extras will make coping with Lady Business that little bit easier at a festival?

Reusable Bottle

Bottles, not only to keep you hydrated but also to wash your cup 😉 A good reusable bottle is a festival necessity, reducing throwing away plastic but also reminded you to drink some water! Water bottles don’t have to be boring though! Here are some of my favourites :

Boomtown RAW

Stainless steel RAW Bottles from Boomtown

Last summer Boomtown Fair partnered with RAW Foundation to raise awareness of the damage caused by plastics to the environment. Did you know? Each reusable RAW Bottle sold typically helps to prevent approximately 167 single-use bottles from going to landfill per year!

Please note that due to the virus, Boomtown’s online shop is currently closed.

One Green Bottle

What about a personalised bottle! Available from One Green Bottle, are a range of bottles you can put your name, a quote or logo on. Order just one or more than one for a group of you. Good way to help you keep track of your water bottle! Click here for more details on their personalised bottles. For their full range, click here.

They have lots of different styles/sizes, personalised or plain. Keep an eye out for our competition as these lovely lot have added a bottle as a prize.

Moon Bottle

These bottles come in many colours and can be personalised. They are made with double-walled stainless steel. So they’ll keep your water cold for the a 24 hours and your tea/coffee hot for 12. Lifetime guarantee too! Click here for more info. This lovely company is offering one of their bottles as a prize in our up coming competition !

And oh, water

I don’t need no lemonade

But to live without girls

I can’t live without girls

It’s like a man with a hole in his head


Your going to have to carry around more with you than you would when not dealing with Mother Nature’s Gift, so the right bag will make light work of it! Here are a few of my top picks, keep an eye out for my full review on bags.

Tactical Cross Body Bag

Cross body bottle bag from One Green Bottle, with separate pocket for keys and phone. They will fit their 800ml tough and curvy canteens, life collection bottles. Still great for the smaller tough and curvy canteens with plenty of spare room. As these are crossed over your body you can wear them over the front of your body keeping your things that bit safer in large crowds. Click here for the link to their website. Keep an eye out for my upcoming review!

Little Tampon Bag

from TOTM

Who doesn’t like a cute little bag for your period bits, from TOTM. Click here for more info, currently only £2.35


These need their own little section, I love bumbags, or if your over the pond then fancy packs! I was shocked how much I could fit into my little sparkly little bumbag, so don’t underestimate these little bags! Loos at festivals are not know for their vast amounts of space, this is where my bumbag was such a huge help…. Ever wanted to rest a bag down on the floor of a loo at a festival? Didn’t think so, bumbags can go over your chest or waist. So while your sat (or hover over a hole in the ground…) the bag is already on your lap or chest, making changing tampons etc so much easier! You can really add to your costume or look with a bumbag as they come in loads of different styles. Here are some fab ones-

Chase the Rainbow

This has such a Gem and The Hologrames vibe! This rainbow glitter belt bag is £12.00 from Accessorize. Click here for a link to their site.

Mini Cork bag

Made from cork and comes in lots of different colours! Prized at £42.59 from sakkahandmade, click here for the link.

Coming soon a full write up/reviews on my top bags for festivals!

Here come the girls

(Ooh, water)

Here come the girls

(I don’t need no lemonade)

Here come the girls


Here come the girls


I’m a parent and I don’t know how I would have made it through the last few years without wipes. While your Riding the Cotton Pony wet wipes make things a lot easier.


The Cheeky Panda bamboo handy wipes are the perfect size to pop into your bag while away from the campsite. With 12 wipes per pack and biodegradable/compostable they are much nicer on the planet too! They have natural anti-bacterial agents and suitable for vegans. This travel size is £1.49, click here for the link.

Hand Gel

2020 has throw us all in a loop about hand gel, I lucky had some left over in my festival dress up trunk from last year, when everywhere was sold out! I love these little bottles with a clip or handle which you can hang off to your coat, belt or bumbag. Saves you from digging around in a bag for it when your hands could be cleaner 😉 These Disney ones are loads of fun and priced at £5.99, click here for the link.

Looking so good, it’s a darn god shame, that they couldn’t all be mine

Looking so pretty, it’s a darn god pretty, oh, you’re looking so fine (fine)

So there you have it, all my top tips for making your Strawberry week while away at festival all that more bearable! Make sure you keep an eye out for our upcoming competition!! Where you can win some of these epic items!!

Anything you think I should add, or a funny festival story hit me up on social media!

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