So last week there was BIG news on this years’ festival season. Boomtown Fair launched it’s next Chapter. Along with it’s interactive maze! So what is Boomtown? Erm, only the best festival the UK has to offer. Why do I say that with such conviction, I hear you ask? Well, there are no words which can truly sum up this out of world, time traveling, crazy ride that is the Boomtown maze, but I will try…..

Sinister, Wobbly, Perfect, Hilly, Sublime, Adult Disneyland, Worldly, Magic, MADNESS, Home, Surreal, Inconvenience-store, Insane, Indescribable, Heaven, ALAN, Mind-blowing, Theatre, SUPERCALIFRAGILILISTICEEXPIALISH*T-HOT, Love, Organised-Chaos, LIFE, Beloved, Community, Fun, Fu*kinginsane, Eccentric, Immersive, Amazing, Freedom, Acceptance, Dreamy, theBESTworldEVER, Majestical, Wonderland, Biblical, Altering, NiceOneBruva, YES, Mental, Bonkers, Paradise, Astonishing, Happiness.

Ok so I can’t think of just one word to sum up the mighty amazingness which is Boomtown so I asked fellow citizens on the Boomtown facebook what one word they would use! Make sure you have joined the facebook Boomtown groups for loads of inside info and help with the madness which is the maze. Click here for the main facebook group – Boomtown Chat

Much more than just a music festival, what pushes Boomtown to the top of the pile of UK festivals is it’s crazy theatrical production! Like a modern-day circus, using mind-bending technology to marry old school theatre and the very height of music production. As my step father would say about most things, ‘I’ve never known anything like it!” There is nothing else like it.

Chapter 12 Trailer

Boomtown have now given us this amazing movie-like trailer to show off it’s new multi-stage spectacular show; State of Emergency. A little window into the crazy world of the Boomtown Maze (AKA Storyline).

Does the storyline leave you like this….

Get yourself over to the Boomtown Storyline group on facebook –

I’m sure I just saw the last tree in a carpark in Portsmouth’…BoomtownStory

I love that Boomtown is a little community, you become a citizen and can become part of the storyline! Due to Boomtown’s wonderful ethos of inclusion they started to release clues and puzzles early last year for Chapter 11. This year, it’s only February and already the storyline has been launched and you can start finding all the hidden clues… why is there a missing dog??

You have to love the level of dedication! Check out the website just for this missing dog… Is this dog really missing? Is it a real dog? Who is Charlie? Is Charlie missing too? What on earth is happening lols.

While we are on the subject of Boomtown websites here are a few for you to be getting on with:

Boomtown Fair – The main Boomtown website, details of pretty much everything, from their Green Statement, to news on the lineup.

Boomtown Fair Official – Follow on instagram for updates and amazing photos of the action!

Villa Avarice – Based in Paradise Heights, they love to throw money at the poor…You may have to dance, bark, crawl, strip etc for it though!

Gordon Romance – CEO of Onecor, find him on Twitter too! Not sure if I trust this guy but he was all smiles when we met…

Mr Bliss – The wonderful, blissful man that is Mr Bliss. I have to say after being fake married by this chap, I think he is a legend among his fellow men!

Lost in the maze – A new podcast to help those lost in the BT maze.

Boomtown Bobbies – These bobbies make up their own laws, you have been warned, my friend had to rescue his mum from the Boomtown Jail once…They really do play by their OWN rules…

Xander Hawkmaul – I’m still lost as to this guy’s role to be fair, but I refer back to my above ‘gif’ of ‘I love Lamp’ where most of the story is involved…

Luck Exchange – Boomtown citizens, but find them and your luck may change..

Boomtown Source – Unofficial news, gossip and rumours.

HM Bru – New for Chapter 12, find them maybe in Paradise Heights. Something to do with Gin….??

Area.404 – The awe-inspiring new Boomtown venue, with year round events based in Bristol.

The Inconvenience Store uk – A little warning…..Its not hand moisturiser! Oh and you can find them on Facebook too!

Boomtown Spotted – Click on this for the truly messy moments at Boomtown.

Boomtown Solo Polo Camp – Thinking of going to Boomtown on your own? Friends let you down? Boyfriend/Girlfriend/fish broke up with you? Head over to find the wonderful Solo group! You can check out my blog all about going on your own here – going-solo-to-a-festival

Shamrock Boomtown – Boomtown’s very own Irish bar!

Kidztown – Small scale Boomtown for the children! Boomtown is a family minded festival, with it’s own scaled down section for the kids!

There are a few for you to be getting on with! I will add more as I come across them!

My milk shake brings all the ravers to the yard…

Aside from the in-depth storyline, huge incredible stage sets and crazy mind-blowing production, Boomtown is also a vastly diverse music festival. It mixes international superstars with underground legends and sprinkles on top newcomers. What headliners can you expect then?

Wu-Tang Clan, Underworld, Kano, Damian ‘Jr Gong’ Marly, The Libertines, Mura Masa,  Kelis, Pendulum Trinity, Squarepusher, Orbital, Kool & The Gang and De La Soul. 

There are still 100’s of artists still to be released but HOLD THE PHONE, did someone say Pendulum??!! I’m a little overexcited about this years lineup already. Loads of my favourites! Can’t wait to see Andy C again, my goodness that guy knows how to rock the house. Pendulum Trinity is going to be madness! Underworld! Kelis brings all the boys to the yard with her milkshake. So much to add to my ‘must see’ list.

Over 27 main stages throughout the 12 different districts that make up the city of Boomtown. Take your pick from folk, metal, world, roots, reggae, ska, neo soul, post punk, balkan, hip hop, jazz, two-tone, Americana, soundsystem culture, techno and house, DnB, to name but a few!

Boomtown have made good use of the app WOO (find it in your phones App Store) – This means you can find your favourite acts and add them to your personalised set list. The set lists will go live in the app closer to the event, helping you to know when and where they are playing so you don’t miss your ‘must see’ acts. If like me you get distracted by shiny objects easily, don’t get too upset if you get stuck helping to deliver Baby Sparkles into the world at Momently Bliss and miss a few acts. The WOO app helps to plan out your days/nights and connect with friends. Please note there is a very high possibility that you will lose all your friends and end up making new life long ones, as the phone signal is pretty terrible. It’s a large site with over 60,000 people all trying to use their phones! Go old school and have pre-agreed meet up times and places. We just about managed with a small group of about 10 of us to meet up at points, I mean it could have been a few days in-between, who knows!

Some of the epic people I spent last years Boomtown with!

I know what festival (apart from Glastonbury) is number one on this years summers fun, thats ‘Boomtown, Chapter 12: New Beginnings.’ Bring on the madness, this year has a 66,000 people capacity!

Always one to mirror the real world, Boomtown’s show won’t only dig deep into it’s storyline, but question where we are as a society. Can we find a route to our very own New Beginning?

 “A high energy, theatrical spectacular of circus and performance, as well as boundary-pushing sound design, technology and special effects to create a 360 degree experience across multiple stages and areas. Curated by Boomtown production and theatrical teams, as well as circus troupes from across the world, the Boomtown story will unfold on an unrivalled scale throughout the 5-days…’ Boomtown Organisers

Well what are you waiting for, a hall pass? The ok from your mum? A get out of jail free card? (Maybe hang on to that, knowing what the Boomtown Bobbies are like….) Get your tickets now and come join me getting lost in the maze – TICKETS TO THE GREATEST SHOW ON EARTH

Keep an eye out for my blog about what to wear, how to dress for Boomtown and all the other festivals you’re going to this year. Coming soon!!

The Closing Ceremony to Boomtown Fair 2019 Chapter 11 TBC in Chapter 12

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