Boomtown Fair 2019

‘One of the BEST experiences of life’ Said Alice

Alice: What an idea. A crazy, mad, wonderful idea.

The tickets go on sale tomorrow at 7pm, for one of the uk’s largest independent festivals. With over 66,000 attendees, 2000 actors, 100’s of musical acts. A fully immersive theatrical experience, Boomtown really sets its self apart from the run of the mill music festival.

I don’t even know where to start with this blog. This blog is meant to be my review of my time at the festival, but even now, my life has been completely changed by it. It takes over your life, in ways you don’t expect. From spotting what you think is the ‘Last Tree’ in some random carpark in Portsmouth! To following the storyline months after the event on Facebook groups and twitter.

Click this link to go to the Facebook Storyline group for loads of tips and help in working your way through the story.

‘Enriching for the Soul’

Make sure you look out for the Boomtown newspaper which comes out daily called ‘The Daily rag.’ For horoscopes, funny stories and storyline tips. Maybe you even made it into print!?

The storyline, is like nothing I have done before! I was tied up, blindfold, and poked a little inappropriately, in the sexy room. Had bit of a crush on the librarian, danced for Boomtown dollars, win at poker by making up the rules, played ‘Simon Says So, says,’ helped to birth ‘Baby Sparkles!’ Had my golden bean stolen by pirates and danced to the death! This truly made Boomtown for me, the day we spent following the storyline on its many crazy twists was one of the best days of my life so far. Many people have gone to Boomtown for years and never found their way onto the maze! I felt like even after all that I had only just scratched the surface!

The story is such a huge part of the experience, make sure you take the time to get into it. What I love is its happening right now, with the introduction of the Facebook group, set up my Boomtown Citizens and the many social media platforms being run by the actors.

Knock on every door!

The actors, are completely on point, its like a whirlwind adventure, which you can choose to dip in and out of. Even if you don’t find your way onto the maze, the production level its still a feast for the eyes. Everywhere you look there is something to discover, from knocking on a random door, and finding your self in a old couples sitting room, to watching the huge parade. This blog would be the size of a small novel if I was to try and list just half of the things I did and saw. One of my very favourites was the Desperados bar, amazing Drum & Base DJ, free Desperados and arm art. The arm art was so fun, and glowed up in UV light. It lasted really well too, its hard to explain and I don’t think I have a photo of it, but imagine a UV temporary tattoo all over your arm, in a really cool pattern! Thanks Desperados, so much fun was had!

Dollar, Dollar Bill, Y’All

Lets talk money, so first off Boomtown Fair is worth what ever the ticket price is and there is a monthly payment option too. Theres loads of different options where accommodation is regarding, from VIP bell tents, right the way down. I highly recommend what I did which was take my caravan (a 1967 Sprite) there where some weather issues and we ended up taking in a few friends who’s tents where destroyed by the very strong winds – Huge shout out to the wonderful crew/staff who helped with all that. PLEASE if taking your own tent, clean up after yourself, its not hard to do!

I will do a blog just about tips for the festival but here are a few off the top of my head. Spend a few months getting fit, go walking, or up your game on the treadmill! I felt like I was almost crawling up them hills, and ended up on antiticoics for my damaged toe. GOOD footwear, my big toe nail was almost hanging off after a day and half in the same shoes. They where shoes I had taken to other events and danced in all day and been fine in….So don’t underestimate how much walking your going to do. One friend did 80,000 steps just in 24hrs…Am going to log mine next year. 

Good food and stay hydrated. I know, I sound like a mum but you don’t stop to sit down much and if its hot its mega easy to get dehydrated. I was eating well and still got flu! Thats my own fault though, one of the nights when my foot was so bad I couldn’t hardly walk I got very cold and that was that, down with flu 😦 About that, I can’t thank the staff more for saving me! I meet some wonderful people that night and a HUGE thanks to you all. The girl who gave me such a lovely hugs, when she found me crying from the pain, the lovely couple I meet in the taxi, who where so kind and he carried me! The wonderful guy, who went out of his way to drive me back to my caravan. Thank you all so much! Thats Boomtown, love everywhere.

‘Its like finding your tribe!’

Going to Boomtown is truly like finding your tribe, so much creativity, not only from the huge production side but also down to the citizens themselves. Go all out for your costumes, some even make up characters and dress to match one of the districts. I was handed a few business cards from citizens, getting fully involved in becoming part of the storyline. Thats what is amazing about Boomtown, YOUR apart of the story, you can choose to stay out of it or get fully immersed. Maybe like me, end up being ‘married’ by one of the main actors and listed as a scheduled event!

Being fake married by Mr Bliss is one of the most fun experiences I’ve had. It almost ended in a fight to the death! Huge thank you to all at the Villa for such a fun afternoon of craziness, being showered by money and having such a fun time with friends and strangers. If you where wondering, Oscar and I are just good friends! I don’t think we will be doing it for real anytime soon. Truly though, wow, what amazing crazy thing to do, with people I really care about. I can’t stop telling you over and over, add Boomtown Fair to your bucket list and I bet you will be making sure you are attending every following year.

I have heard that some are worried about the levels of drugs at this festival, so lets address this now. All festivals, well, all events, do have a level of drug taking. I have seen far worse behaviour from people getting way too drunk than I ever have from drugs but with drugs there is an added danger level. I was sad to see that the Loop, was not able to openly help people at Boomtown this year, while we are waiting on new legation to go through. I don’t take drugs, I do have the odd drink, but having spent many, many years before children working in nightclubs and large events, I have seen a lot.

It was interesting, watching people go far too hard the first few nights and then leaving early or spending the rest of the time recovering. (I did get flu but at least I wasn’t hung over on top that) I don’t care what you do or take, just be safe and look out for each other. Don’t go too hard in the night and miss the craziness of the day! I saw so many people looking after each other at Boomtown which was lovely. Side note here, which I will come back too in my updated blog about the enironmatal impact – PLEASE DON’T DROP THEM STILLY LITTLE METAL THINGS ON THE FLOOR. These are legal but doing so much to negative impact the clean up! Also make it very hard to dance while slipping on them!

You planted 71,725 trees!

Please have a look at some of the things which Boomtown have put in place before this years event, to reduce its environment impact –

A festival for 66,000 people is going to impact on the environment but what sets Boomtown Fair apart is its actively not only reducing its impact but bring in things to improve our world a little more after. Like the planting of 71,725 across the world, from Madagascar to Nepal! Without going to Boomtown that would never have happened and thats just one of the many things they have done. They are trying to not only bring about a music, theatrical event but make its citizens think a bit more about what they are doing to improve our world. This festival has so many levels, it makes it something unlike any other!

There was a 70% improvement on leaving no trace, at Boomtown this year! The clean up crew work so hard and it can take months. It was really good to walk back through the event seeing so many areas cleared already!

‘I danced till my feet bleed’

This year Boomtown Fair brought out its own app before the event, one for the story (am hoping they will improve that for Apple users next year) and one for the line up.

The Woov app, was fab! You could find and add friends, checking out each others set list and chat in forums. It gave you all the set times and stages so you could pre-plan a little who you wanted to see. Lets just set this is stone right now, all your plans will go out the window, you will most likely lose your friends and make new life long ones, not see any of the acts you came to see and find new ones you can’t now live without listening too! Check out the Boomtown playlists on Spotify to give you an idea of music is like, but follow your ears when your there and you will uncover so much! One of my favourite little rooms, which the music was on point in, was a little old school nightclub with retro games. It took me ages to work out the music was being made by the nightclub goers, there was no DJ in sight! I had a huge list of who I wanted to see, and don’t get me I did see a few but wow, I would say it like, the music is the icing on the cake at Boomtown. I really got back into Drum & Base, as the Relic stage was out of this world! For me it was storyline in the day and Relic at night!

Dancing at Relic with friends is one of the most soul enriching things I’ve done. It truly marked an end to a hard chapter in my life and gave me hope for the future. Thank you Boomtown!

You can take as much or as little from Boomtown Fair as you like, like I said there are so many levels. I have never been to an event which has taken over so much of my life, from now still chatting on Whatap Boomtown groups, pretty much daily, planning next years outfits and being excited about maybe going to the new venue of 404 for New Years Eve. Don’t underestimate the amaziment of Boomtown!

Make friends for life at Boomtown

Huge love and thanks to this amazing little crew (a few missing from this photo) who made Boomtown so much fun! You will make life long new friends at Boomtown, meet your tribe and be overwhelmed at the connection to it you will feel. I now understand why so many people have the Boomtown Fair symbol tattooed on them for life. Its like no other event, I have been too. I kind of don’t want to tell you too much about it, just want you to go and find your way onto the madness maze for your self.

Oh and make sure you find the Post Office and post some letters! Keep a look out for the Post Men & Women. So many levels to this event its unreal! I feel like in a huge amount of time that a 5 day festival is, I hardly made it through the first chapter of this incredible world!

Boomtown Fair is now opening up its 12th Chapter ‘New Beginnings’ Come and be apart of this amazing world hidden in the hills of Winchester! – Tickets go live at 7pm 6th November

Catch me dancing at Relic next year or somehow finding a way of topping the Boomtown Wedding from this year! Alice xx

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