South Central – day two

It started with being handed a veggie burger in bed at like 10am!

It was the best burger ever and very much needed. We took our time, Sunday and got there much later. Poor Lou’s feet had been cut apart by her boots. 😦 Patched up and getting ready, I took off most of my outfit and brought a jacket due to it being colder. 

I should have had wings and a 2ft headdress, but after the hate on Sat and feeling tired and not as strong I left them at home. Even with a much more chilled outfit I still got stared at and lots of negative comments. Am pretty strong normally not caring, am used to standing out, I have warn a 1960’s cocktail dress on the school run lols. I have always been different and a little more out there. A few people have commented that it made me seam unapproachable, a male friend said guys where staying away from me as they where intimidated of me in the Gold outfit. Looking back at the photos I think I look quite high maintenance which am as far from as you can get lols. 

I don’t know how Lou kept going all Sunday when I saw her feet when we got home!! SHE BOSSED IT. Kept dancing and didn’t let it wreck the weekend. After the hate on Sat, I think I had a resting bit*h face, lols. 

It was amazing how much the scarf around my neck kept me warm! It made a huge difference. I was blown away by Mr Motivator!! He was a amazing, I would go again just to see him. We arrived when he was on, we where tired and not feeling the lack of sunshine, he proper motivated us, we got up and started dancing. I was shouting ‘YES’ loads. He’s fab!! 

I was most shocked my GLC, they where amazing, well done Welsh boys! They where so rude, but so fun. I was dancing away, it was so much fun! 

‘I like drinking, so I wrote a song about drinking…’ One of my favourite lines! Lols

We were tired, Lou’s feet where killing her but we had so much but we powered through.

Our fav tent was the 80/90’s tent, it was fab! Old school and just what I used to dance too ‘back in the day’ lols. We spent most of our time in there, and had a little sit down too 😉 

I loved my outfit, it was like a pre-run for a big event later this year. These boots worked so well, they where from a charity shop only 5 pounds. I had only used them once, so I sprayed them black! Perfect! They did rub a little but wasn’t too bad! 

Was so wonderful to bump into this beautiful girl! I haven’t seen her in like 9-10 years!! So excited to go out in a few weeks, will be like old times. 

I didn’t manage to get all the gold glitter off, no one knew it was the same girl, which I really liked! lols. 

We had so much fun, Sunday was a very different vibe, it was emotional too. The family and friends of the two people who died at the event last year came on stage and everyone clapped. It was really emotional, and sent chills through me. Amazing moment, I will remember forever. Guys and girls, don’t mess with drugs. What was great to see, was so many things had been added. Like water stations, asking people to bring in reusable bottles. I would have liked to see more bins, closer to stages, I know they are a risk but we tripped up loads on all the bottles on the floor, people where dropping them as there was no where to put them 😦 I was quite hard to dance as there was much on the floors.

Am really pleased to see that the families worked with the festival and put in place real changes, to make it safer. Its not about closing things down but working to make it a safe place for all. The staff did a fab job and our bags where checked on both days. People where being really proactive at speaking up if they saw things. While in the loos, I over heard a girl freaking out, her friend was trying to calm her down saying she will come up soon. A few drinks is that is all you need, don’t put your life in some drugs hands. 

Georgia Jones’s mum Janine, one of the two people who died last year, has set up the page ‘Don’t go with the flo’ To help raise awareness about keeping safe at such events (link at the bottom of the page.) Huge love love to all the family and friends of Georgia and Tommy, well done for staying strong and standing up to make real changes. 

WOW what a closing party.

The fireworks where amazing, the fire and lights, wow! I loved that they played Fire Starter. We came, we saw, we danced, we found a hat and I was given some sunglasses lols!

I fell in a river (don’t ask, we had to jump a river to get home. lols) It was fab!! Thank you South Central for a great weekend, fab acts and safe feel. Am sure we will be back to next year.

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