Curiouser and Curiouser…

Alice & James on Curiosity
BBC 1 at 2.15pm on the 1st April

I end up doing the odd bit of TV, here is a throw back to early this year

My best friend James and I, drove through some crazy snow, wondering if we would make it! Dressed for being on TV, we dug out the car in the first light of day. After abandoning the car, we had to walk quite far to get to the studio. (I was in heels, he did have to catch me a few times!)
 I have been on TV a few times now, and I love being in the studio filming. Everyone at Hungry Gap was lovely, lively and we all had a blast filming for the new show Curiosity. It sounds like a cliche when people say, ‘oh he’s lovely in real life’ but in this case its really true. Paul Martin is lovely in real life, such a fun and fab host! Both of us had a great time filming. I could have lived in the ‘Retro Room’ in fact add that room to my house and it wouldn’t look out of place. I was a very good girl and I didn’t try to walk out with any of it under my arm. I did fall in love with the chair…I have the perfect place in my house for that chair….the sideboard…..Don’t get me started on the jars….

Am sure this new show will be a huge hit, it was so much fun to film and am really looking forward to seeing the end result!  

I’ve just been informed that James and I are kicking off this new show as the first episode!  
I hope you all enjoy it as much as it was to film.

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Thanks to everyone for such a wonderful day filming! 

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