Shipwrecks and Cocktails

My story starts when my great aunt was shipwrecked on an island…


I have always loved Vintage, thanks to coming from a long line of hoarders. Very much a ‘make do and mend family’ Trying always to fix something over throwing it away. This ties in with wanting to protect the planet too.


My family and I are planet-based/vegan/veggies. For the animals, for the planet and for my body. Im working towards a zero waste lifestyle, and reducing my footprint.


Its a huge part of my life. I used to represented DJ’s & sing in a few bands. Anything from a 1930’s number to some old school dirty d&B, I love good music. Music is the background to life, what is life without it.


Caravans, buses, vans, campers. classic cars. I drive a classic 1985 Volvo, such a fun car to drive. I love to hit the open road, towing a van or in an old camper. The freedom of travel means the world to me.

Come find me on the dance floor covered in glitter, or behind my camera. Im mostly wondering off in search of adventure, barefoot in the forest or not far from the sea.

You use your words carefully to uplift and inspire.” Robin Roberts

Wondering and exploring… a big part of my DNA. Thats why you will find me at as many festivals as I can get too. They give us all a moment for our soul breathe. Letting your feet wander to the sounds of the music and shiny objects in the distance! You will find a lot of information on here about festivals, events and living a more sustainable lifestyle.

“Music is the background to life.” Alice

Till we can dance together again, stay safe fam.

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